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Ep. 350 DJ PJ’s

about 1 year ago

Matt talks about his weekend traveling to Maryland, DC, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia. Craig tells tales of MC Hammer, and Union Station. Wendell reviews The Spy Who Dumped Me, and A Vigilante.

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Ep. 349: Number 1 World Wide


Matt calls Craig to talk about his busy week in stand up comedy. Top of The Cake! Matt and Craig speculate about what Wendell’s apartment might look like. Matt pushes the idea that the podcast has to get to number 1 on the charts by the end of the year...
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Ep. 348 Giggles Will Giggle


Giggles joins Matt to talk about his week in New York City. Craig talks about his new neighbors. Wendell reviews The Old Man and The Gun. Matt gives love to Baltimore, MD.
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Ep. 347 with Lance, Craig, and Wendell


Lance Weiss stops by to talk about The Catskills, old school comedy, and social media beef. Craig tells tales of Union Station. Wendell reviews John Wick 3.
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Ep. 346 “Look It Up!!!” with Eric Wendell


Matt calls up Wendell to talk about living in Los Angeles, fireworks, 4th of July, Sizzelean, Jhoon Rhee, Wendell’s job, Matt’s new catch phrases, Video Games, and DNA testing. Wendell reviews City on a Hill, and The Good, The Bad, The Hungry.
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Ep. 345 “Independence Day” with Radio Rando


Matt and Randy talk about Matt’s temporary bachelor life, middle aged drinking, hangover cures, Married with Children, Rex Lee, Mid 90’s, Euphoria, SLC Punk, Trainspotting, but most importantly: July 4, 2002.
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Ep. 344 The Church Folk Group


Matt and Craig talk about Matt’s week at Caroline’s, playing guitar in the church folk group, Skankfest, and the Catholic Church. Craig tells tales of Union Station. Matt talks about being on The Dating Game in 1997. Wendell has a great week, and makes a new friend.
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Ep. 343 with Scott & Lance


Scott and Lance stop by to go over the details of their road gig last week.
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Ep. 342 Happy Birth Control Day


Matt and Giggles recap their week. Craig tells tales of Father’s Day, and Union Station. Wendell reviews “Bad Times at The El Royale.”
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Ep. 341 Giggles and Slurpees


Matt and Giggles talk about their lazy Sunday, and their busy week. Craig talks about his Russian buddy. Matt talks about moving to Los Angeles. Wendell talks about beef at work. Matt tells a story about hanging with Michael Shannon.
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Ep. 340 Giggles & Scott Sharp


Scott Sharp comes by to chit chat with Matt & Giggles about the past weekend. Top of The Cake! Wendell reviews the latest Mark Wahlberg movie.
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