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Ep95 - Jayson Thibault, Boon Shakalaka, MLB

over 7 years ago

Punch Drunk's Jason Teebo stops by The Full Count Studio for episode 95. Shawn & Jason swap stories of Comedy Store Crazies, Shawn is allowed to brag about the Cowboys win but keeps it civil because karma is a bitch (if they don't make the playoffs) and Jon ISN'T blacked out this week! We all turn out to be Royals fans for the upcoming series and we discuss our most hated sports teams in all the land. It's a good solid hour of sports and not sports. Subscribe on iTunes, rate the show, leave a comment, tell your friends and buy a t-shirt, hoodie or hat from Have a great week everyone. Thanks for listening.


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Ep94 - Josh Sandoval, Beers, Football, Beers


Josh Sandoval drops in for a visit. Jon is pretty much blacked out the whole time and Shawn doesn't punch him. Pretty impressive Stuff. Checkout "The Full Count Podcast tshirts at
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Ep93- SNL, Brady's Bar tricks, and MLB Playoffs


Brady Matthews stops by to redeem himself for last weeks hangover debacle... We talk SNL Auditions, horrible things Brady's done to innocent folks and Playoff baseball. Oh, and Shawn talks positive about the Cowboys while Brady and Jon shit on The Bears. Sports, am I right?
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Ep92- Social Media, MLB Playoffs and the NFL. HONK! HONK!


Comedian, actor Eddie Pence stops by as a last minute favor because Brady Matthews was too hung over and ashamed of the Chicago Bears to make it. Eddie talks Redskins, Nationals, a beltway series and how he was an Indians fan before he even realized how much he liked turquoise...
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Ep91 - Ray RIce, Adrian Peterson, and Don't Punch People in the Dick


Shawn and Jon discuss Ray RIce, Adrian Peterson, and the bumbling idiot Roger Goodell, Texas Ranger infielder Guilder Rodriguez gets 1st MLB hits, Depleted Steelers Sign Linebacker James Harrison, A Gatorade Send Off for Derek Jeter, and former Manager of the Texas Rangers Ron Washington's off the field problems. By...
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Ep90- Joe Bartnick used to love ESPN, but now not so much.


The Full Count welcomes comedian, writer and avid sports fan Joe Bartnick. We discuss ESPN's lack of awesomeness, Joe relives his favorite twitter moments (from his own account) and we listen intently as he tries to explain "icing" and "offsides" in Hockey. This is a great episode for knowledgeable sports...
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Ep89- Shawn's Born On Date, Tom Hanks vs Ray Rice vs a very horny Jerry Jones


It's Shawn Halpins Birthday! We discuss what a Prince Tom Hanks is, what a piece of human garbage Ray Rice is and what a perv Jerry Jones might be... Allegedly! In football news the bears and the cowboys both suck. And Shawn remembers Afghanistan as if it were a little...
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Ep88- Afghanistan HEELLLOOO!! Jen Murphy, Justin Berkman


Shawn is Back!!! Shawn and Jon are joined in studio with Jen Murphy and Justin Berkman. Shawn and his Battle Buddies discuss with Jon about the Armed Forces Entertainment tour in Afghanistan, the Thai Hookers, trigger time with Special Forces, and the amazing Men and Women of the Armed Forces...
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Ep87- Justin Wood, the Military & Road Trips


Comedian Justin Wood comes by to discuss his work transitioning US Military soldiers into new and better living situations as well as all the comedy he does in order to give back to the Troops. Shawn and Justin re-count a recent road trip that wasn't as smooth as they thought...
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Ep86 - Ryan Mirvis'S Bender, Gagging, Coachella and little Sports


Comedian / Actor Ryan Mirvis stops by early on a Saturday to give us a blow by blow account of his most recent bender as well as discuss the NFL with Shawn & Jon... Unfortunately, He's a Vikings fan. What can ya do? 
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Shawn & Jon discuss Transformers, Showbiz Pizza, Universal Studios, The Web, Monster Trucks, birthday parties, typing class and More. It's a doozical suzical musical. 
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