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Bonus "Charity" Episode

over 4 years ago

We were asked to do a special half hour block of our podcast for charity. We did it. It will not be a part of their live show. Here's what happened. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Jeremy Renner's 49th Birthday Extravaganza


Forget Anthony's birthday, forget Christmas and forget New Year's Eve... it's Jeremy Renner's 49th birthday! JRVP celebrates hard by going to see CATS, encouraging children to smoke cigarettes, and keeping a dead husband in a freezer for 10 years. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Not Christmas Episode Christmas Episode


Hop on the nearest "one-horse open sleigh" and ride along with Anthony and Gregg for their annual Christmas episode before the holidays. Anthony is the most hungover he's been (in a while) and Gregg reads some funny Christmas cards. Remember, Santa Claus is always watching. This episode is brought to...
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Baby Shower Gun


Anthony and Gregg talk about their weeks where Anthony had a show and Gregg went to therapy. They discuss near death experiences before talking about porn mustaches and secret guns at a baby shower. This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter (visit, PolicyGenius (compare and buy insurance at...
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Worst Orthodontist Ever


Anthony talks about the worst orthodontist experience ever and then Gregg recaps Frozen 2 scene by scene. Also on the table: Anthony and Gregg talk about being punished by their parents and a poor dog is abused by a mother and everyone is very upset about it. This episode is...
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You're Welcomesgiving


On this Thanksgiving week JRVP, Anthony and Gregg talk about playing tennis and how they are going to spend the holiday. Erica spins through a bunch of fan emails “rapid fire” style and then they discuss dogs driving, SNL, and a classic Harriet Tubman remake. Learn more about your ad...
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Anthony and Gregg talk about their favorite part of their careers and why Gregg isn’t home every night. Erica quizzes them about their friendship and once again, one of them knows more about the other. Anthony and Gregg dissect 300 lb. men blacking out, comedy shows being shut down, and...
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Total Smoke Show


Sorry we're a day late, Comedy Central was apparently on fire. Episode 50 of JRVP opens up with some questions between Gregg and Anthony and then they talk about proper bathroom etiquette. Netflix pulls a Christian comic's special after sexual assault allegations, an apology is issued by Cris Collinsworth to...
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Common Face


Anthony talks about how much he loves Modern Family and Gregg has found footage of his 4 year old picking his nose for a very long period of time. Erica reads some assumptions and has the guys react. A teacher dressed up in blackface to recite a Microsoft commercial like...
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The Gender Is...DEATH


Anthony and Gregg talk about the fires in California and how they hope to continue #OctoNoChildPornober for the last few years. News flash: Drake is cornier than ever, a gender reveal ends up in death, and there is some more bad news for Renner fans. This episode is brought to...
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**Programming note: There are no new segments or any NFL news updates in this podcast. Anthony and Gregg recap their amazing week at the pumpkin patch, Anthony's lukewarm beef with Ricky Gervais and give some dating advice. This episode is brought to you by Indochino (visit, enter code VANITY...
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