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In Front Of Your Wife and Kids

over 2 years ago

What is your favorite bodily function? A Utah woman gets scammed into shaving her head, two teens are caught twerking and kissing on a dementia patient and a rapper surgically implanted gold chains into his skull. See for privacy information.

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Anthony forgot Gregg's birthday and also had to drug his dog, Rummy. Anthony, Gregg and Erica talk about who they'd clone and travel with. Headlines this week include a boy who almost became a mashed potato, a gender reveal going wrong, and Dr. Dre's ex not wanting to share clothes...
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Anthony and Gregg talk about the usual like Rummy in water, babies in water and Erica in bed. They also talk about the heartbreak of grieving for a close friend and whether talking about that usual nonsense makes you feel better. See for privacy information.
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