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Nirvana Baby Penis Glue

about 1 year ago

A Russian man mistook a man for a bear and killed him, a zoo banned a woman for having an affair with a chimp and a man died after gluing his penis shut because he forgot a condom. See for privacy information.

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Paw Patrol the movie is out now! Would we host jeopardy? A Zambian pastor died after being buried alive for three days, a man killed his grandma with a piggy bank and a Canadian soldier is in trouble for giving pot brownies to troops during a live fire exercise. See...
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A Florida mom was shot by a toddler live on a zoom call, a woman marries a man convicted of killing her brother and three brothers die after passing out in a manure pit. See for privacy information.
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Two brothers hit and killed by train at a memorial for their third brother hit and killed by train. See for privacy information.
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Matt Damon stops using the "F" slur, an aunt drives a car for a year with kids stuffed in the trunk and Canadian authorities mistake a woman's body for a mannequin and toss it in the dumpster. Yikes. See for privacy information.
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An 18-month-old floats out a mile into sea, a man nearly masturbates to death, and some parents are disgusted about a rainbow reading monkey actor. See for privacy information.
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Athletes at the Olympics are sleeping in cardboard anti-sex beds. A student uses a Hitler quote in his yearbook and a Florida Bath & Body Works thief uses bear mace to attack people at a mall. See for privacy information.
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The World's first elderly sex robot is created with wrinkles and grey hair. A man is bitten by his neighbor's escaped python while sitting on the toilet and a hot California correctional officer sentenced for "depraved" sex with inmates. Oh and Juvenile creates a banger, "VAXX that thang up" for...
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Mailbag - but voice memo style. See for privacy information.
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Chef's Kiss


A fan causes a horrific tour de France crash, a woman claiming to have 10 babies is caught lying and a redneck rave ends in impalement. See for privacy information.
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SEAWEED IS DEAD. See for privacy information.
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