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The Jepisode You’ve Been Waiting For

over 3 years ago

Anthony and Gregg are together again to talk about how Gregg is too old to sleep over at a party and Anthony's getting back into standup. Anthony asks how Gregg totally fumbled Mother's Day and gives some advice as to how he should have handled it. Anthony talks about reading and writing comics before getting into some light, airy headlines like a boy hit to death over a cheesecake, a youtube video about Euthanizing a dog going viral, and a woman running over graves and trying to hit people with her car at an ex boyfriend's funeral. Choo choo! See for privacy information.

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Child Pornography Is A Numbers Game


Anthony and Gregg have a huge announcement: THE NOID IS BACK. Gregg's segment was cut short on tv and Anthony gives his advice on what he would do. We list what brand's social media we'd love to take over before getting into headlines of the week. Josh Duggar is back...
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Funnel my Ashes


Anthony is back doing standup and Gregg is preparing for the NFL Draft. Anthony talks about what it's been like performing live again and Gregg asks for some advice on his son Walker not wanting to participate during birthday parties. Could JRVP merch be in the near future? A man...
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Anthony and Gregg talk about this historic day in American History. Gregg is making the most of his alone time at home and Anthony gives some advice on how to make the time go even quicker. Is improv comedy cooler than standup? We chat penis girth, sexy teachers and a...
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No Vagina Elmo


Anthony and Gregg are back after their live show to talk about what they've been up to. Rummy had a large bird in his mouth that scared Anthony, Gregg hasn't been sleeping much at all, and Anthony talks about when he worked at the ArcLight theater. Anthony is looking forward...
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Cocaine 1000


Anthony and Gregg went to dinner together for the first time in a year, and Anthony's dog hates Gregg so much that he made him go home. Anthony and Gregg battle for who will donate sperm to Erica. We find out "What Would Anthony Do" when an elephant takes a...
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Almost the World Record in Australia


JRVP has a big announcement that you can't afford to miss for their 100th episode. Anthony watched the Zack Snyder cut twice and Gregg had to explain to his children "death" to his children. The World Record holder (almost) for masterbating is in some hot water in Australia, a young...
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The Second Worst Christmas Ever


Anthony and Gregg talk about what life will be like after Covid restrictions lift, Anthony's family is in shock over a sad story that happened this past week, and a listener questions how Anthony and Gregg find new and exciting books. JRVP is back with another segment of "What Would...
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Twenty Months of Work


Anthony and Gregg are back to talk about being respectful and what they would do in each other's shoes in a new segment (title work in progress). A funeral home is getting some free labor, Papa John is doing the work to clean up his vocabulary, and a Pastor is...
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Anthony and Gregg talk about their week and what it's like to work with the funniest man alive. Anthony thinks having a dog is harder than children, because children don't want to kill each other on the street. Erica reads a fan email in her corner and the guys reflect...
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50 Fingers


Anthony forgot Gregg's birthday and also had to drug his dog, Rummy. Anthony, Gregg and Erica talk about who they'd clone and travel with. Headlines this week include a boy who almost became a mashed potato, a gender reveal going wrong, and Dr. Dre's ex not wanting to share clothes...
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