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Train vs Boat

over 4 years ago

Anthony, Gregg, and Erica successfully create their first virtual podcast! Anthony and Gregg talk about their weeks and the chance of a season 3 of the podcast and how Gregg is really enjoying quarantine. They talk about who is most likely to survive an apocalypse and a train attempting to crash into a boat. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Bonus "Charity" Episode


We were asked to do a special half hour block of our podcast for charity. We did it. It will not be a part of their live show. Here's what happened. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Le Magnifique


Anthony. Gregg, and Erica brave the elements and get together to record. Gregg asks Anthony about his tweet storm and why he deleted them before they get into the biggest news of 2020 - a brand new Jeremy Renner EP. Grab your pet crocodile and cuddle up! 66. This episode...
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Let Jeremy Renner Bite Your Kid's Shoulder


Coronavirus can't slow down JRVP. Anthony, Gregg and Erica venture out to social distance together to go over the week, child support payments, parties, and how Anthony is losing his mind. What super hero would you let expose themselves and not be upset? This episode is brought to you by...
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Three Words: Exploding Hammer Festival


Anthony, Gregg, and Erica RISKED THEIR LIVES for this podcast. The studio may be closed, but nothing, not even a quarantine, could stop JRVP. Recorded from Anthony's penthouse, they discuss life on lockdown, blood dripping down walls, Smurf festivals, and a "beautiful story". Gregg pitches Comedy Central on sending JRVP...
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Anthony and Gregg talk about their week and celebrate the exciting 63rd episode. Gregg and Anthony share their 63ing experiences before getting into how to prevent coronavirus. Smell your hands. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Penis with A Blog


Anthony and Gregg have a lot to hash out after a birthday fall out that left Anthony pretty annoyed. Gregg apologizes and they break it down before moving on to the start of Good Talk and an interview about Anthony's penis. Stick around for the Mardi Gras float deaths and...
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Papa JohnGhazi


Anthony is feeling a little under the weather, but not too sick to put a podcast reviewer in his place. Anthony and Gregg talk about their long weekends and how they spent Valentine's Day before getting into headlines. A bus driver leaves a bus full of students and walks off...
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Big Boy Pants


JRVP is back to discuss reddit, Tom Ford jackets, and the marketing strategies of Sea World before diving into headlines surrounding Oscar weekend and Blac Chyna. Oh, and fatal stabbings with nail clippers. This episode is presented by Hims. Use code VANITY at checkout. Learn more about your ad choices...
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Muy Caliente Furry Hitler


After a week off to recover from some Pro Bowl hangover, JRVP is back in full swing to talk about the Super Bowl and how sexy the half time show was. Anthony and Gregg reflect on the Kobe tragedy and Anthony talks about when it's the right time to make...
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You can walk, you can run, guns will kill you


It's the PRO BOWL! Anthony and Gregg break down the best players in the league who weren't good enough to make it to the Super Bowl. Anthony and Gregg also discuss human pee on escalators, feces sandwiches, and fighting ex wives in combat, you know, normal stuff. This episode is...
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