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Ep223 - Mike Phirman

11 months ago

Mike is a comedian, musician, producer, a visual effects artist, and a dad. He is a delight. We talk about stepdads, talking your way out of a fight, dueling doulas, Mike's unusual malady, and his new venture into kids music (that adults can enjoy too). Enjoy our chat!

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Jeff Kreisler is an author, a writer, a comic, and a dad. He has a new book out called "Dollars and Sense" to go along with his previous book "Get Rich Cheating." We talk about other peoples' privates, his smart upbringing, SF vs LA, 4 heart surgeries and 5 stents...
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Jordan is a director, a comic, and a dad. He has his latest film in the I Am Comic series, I Am Battle Comic, available at We talk about the film, raising teenage daughters and grown sons, Spanglish (not the movie), comedy specials, and a movie heckle turning into...
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