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Ep233 - Jevin and L'Marie Smith

over 3 years ago

Jevin is an actor, director, DJ, and a dad and L'Marie is an actress, a businesswoman, and a mom. They have 4 kids and they all act in commercials together, as a family! We talk about kids going through puberty, growing up in L.A., family auditions, tummy tucks, fighting with other parents, and antibiotics. Enjoy our chat!

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Debi is an actress, a writer, a comic, and a mom. We talk about being midwestern, sketch/improv, how our kids won't eat, yelling, structure, and encouraging independence. Enjoy our chat! @lilmamadeb
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This is not a normal episode of the show. There's no guest, although technically we do talk about an unwanted guest/ghost. Producer Aaron and I talk about getting rid of the ghost (which may have worked!), a new parenting book I'm reading, a snorkeling trip cancelled, and the trials of...
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Ep223 - Mike Phirman


Mike is a comedian, musician, producer, a visual effects artist, and a dad. He is a delight. We talk about stepdads, talking your way out of a fight, dueling doulas, Mike's unusual malady, and his new venture into kids music (that adults can enjoy too). Enjoy our chat!
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