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#13.25 The Recorded On An iPhone Episode

over 4 years ago

The Long Shot is back, with comedian and Conan staff writer Brian Kiley!

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#13.14 The Names Episode


Amber has a whirlwind of a time in Vegas and Sean gets windwhirl’d at a birthday party in this glob trotting episode, from Griffith Park to Africa to Luxembourg, of The Long Shot.
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#13.13 The Paul Danke Scale Episode


Hoaxes, scams, pranks, cons, catfish, falling for something, and more… and Joe comes back with a bang with a taxicab confession, Jamie lost his hat, Amber has a British condition, and Sean goes to a different world.
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#13.12 The Brass Ring Episode


A teary-eyed Jamie wrangles the Madam Panther, A banana-less Amber had a negative 1-year anniversary, and super-special Sean a reads about David Lynch. Plus the trio thinks about their life (and it’s end).
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#13.11 The Taking Care Of Ourselves Episode


Amber works the phone and Sean calls a number.
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#13.10 The Episode Where Somethign Happens Episode


In this episode something happens, people hosted it, and you are listening to it!
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#13.09 The Bars Episode with Tamra Brown


Tiki, dive, historic, and more. You name it, we got it. It's the bars episode with Tamra Brown!
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#13.08 The Body Switching Episode


Jamie likes naps, but not as much as he used too, and doesn’t have a DVD player, Sean lives the Joe Wagner lifestyle, and Amber Lyfts around and dances herself clean.
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#13.07 The Warm Turkey Episode


Amber reacts to IO West’s closing and tries to avoid feelings while Sean is intensely frustrated with himself, and Jamie wears a sweatshirt in public.Be sure to check out Pete Holmes’ “Crashing” on HBO and read The Newyorker article, “Donald Glover Can’t Save You” 
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#13.06 The Voicemail Minisode


Popcorn, late nights, and young writers… hear how they all play into the lives of Amber, Jamie, and Joe on this special voicemail edition of The Long Shot.
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#13.05 The Very Nazi Summer Episode


So, it’s time… we finally talk about the Sound of Music sing-a-long last summer, New Years resolutions, and we get into all the Valentine feels. Plus, we find out Jamie’s born ambition, we help Amber understand what “checking in” is, and Sean sells shirts (by the seashore).
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