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Mandarin Dream Episode 4

over 4 years ago

这集橘子梦我讲述的故事是冯锦然。冯锦然是我10岁的一半儿中国一半儿美国白人的混血。他放春假来洛杉矶玩的故事。我们去吃了韩国城最正宗韩式烧烤,小肥羊儿火锅,和我奶奶最喜欢的饺子。我给他买了2双特别澡的耐克儿鞋。然后带他去了贫民窟,放着Wu Tang音乐告诉他自己生活努力点儿,要么这个是你的下场。每次他走我的特别难受。成年人的生活,超级爸爸。

In this week's Mandarin Dream, I talked about my 10 year old half white half Chinese baby visiting me in Los Angeles. I took him to The most authentic Korean BBQ, Mongolian Hotpot, my Chinese grandmother's favorite juicy dumpling in SGV. I bought him two dope p[airs of NIKE shoes in Little Tokyo. and then took him to a ride to the lovely skid row. playing WU Tang, told him " Work hard in life and Do great in school, or you end up here with these losers" Enjoy your dope NIKE shoes buddy. Every time he leaves at LAX is hard for me, my pain, superstar father.

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