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The Mandarin Dream Episode 20

over 4 years ago

在桔子梦第20集里, 我所讲述了这个礼拜的唯一一次上台演出的故事。还讲述了冯三岁不依不饶的追着罗东骂,还说像朋友可以不做了这种狠话。还讲述锦然走了我把眼泪都流在洛杉矶机场了的故事。还讲述了这个礼拜对我要演的电影儿角色的故事。

The Mandarin Dream Episode 20

In this episode, I talked about my only spot this week. I also talked about me being a relentless child talking mad shit about one guy that I knew back from high school. He is being a completly loser, and I am ruthless with my words. I talked about me crying my eyes out at LAX after Isaac left. Real man cry and stuff. I also talked about the stories of preparing for my movie role. I watched the original movie with Isaac, I am going to nail this part, have a great time and hopefully get lucky in Atlanta GA.

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