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#94 Easter & Taxes

about 1 month ago

It's Holy Week and tax week and only on the Nateland Podcast would both subjects be combined into one episode. Nate learns that there can be a full moon on a cloudy night and Maundy Thursday is not a meal deal at Chilis. Brian shares a story of Jackson Hewitt helping him with tax fraud, and Aaron shares a story of child neglect that may have led his brother to go to Purdue. See for privacy information.

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#93 Nate & Laura at the Grammys


On this week's episode, the guys are finally back together! Laura joins the crew to talk about the Bargatze's big weekend at the Grammys, Breakfast updates us on his new baby burrito, and Aaron gets stuck in an elevator (which might have been his fault). Podcast produced by Nate &...
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#92 Ninja & Samurai with Justin Smith


On this week's podcast, Breakfast is still out to brunch with baby burrito so Justin Smith returns to discuss ninja and the samurai. The guys get into some intense debates like how to spot a ninja, what's the difference between ninja and samurai and why would a ninja steal a...
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#91 Diet & Exercise with Dusty Slay ft. Mike Vecchione


This episode, Dusty Slay fills in as co-host for Father Breakfast, and Mike Vecchione joins the table to talk diet and exercise fads of the past. Is Jazzercise still effective, would weight-watchers be more effective as a door-to-door sales pitch? Find out this week. Podcast produced by Nate & Laura...
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#90 Conspiracy Theories ft. Dusty Slay


Is Stevie Wonder faking his blindness? Is Keanu Reeves immortal? Was Britney Spears on the White House payroll? These are just a few of the hard hitting topics that are tackled on this week's episode as we discuss conspiracy theories with our friend and fellow comedian Dusty Slay. Podcast produced...
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#89 Founding Fathers & The Supreme Court


On this week's podcast, the guys get a lesson in American history as they learn about our Founding Fathers and the US Supreme Court. Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze Recording & Editing by Genovations Media Email - [email protected] Athletic Greens - Right now, it’s...
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#88 Dinosaurs ft. Dusty Slay


On this week’s episode, we’re discussing dinosaurs with special guest Dusty Slay. The guys set science back 65 million years by debating whether dinosaurs had a brain in their butt, the difference between an asteroid and a meteor, and whether the game Marco Polo was actually named after the explorer...
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#87 Life Hacks & World Records ft. Caleb Elliott


On this week's episode, comedian Caleb Elliott joins the gang to discuss ways Brian has gone above and beyond, does Aaron really need a PO Box, and does Doritos make good kindling. Meanwhile, Nate quickly gets bored with the topic of Life Hacks so the guys move on to World...
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#86 Talk Shows


On this week's episode we're talking about Talk Shows. The guys look at famous moments in talk show history, Nate gives some behind the scenes stories on what it's like to appear on a talk show, and Brian shares a story of baring it all while visiting his dermatologist. Podcast...
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#85 Advertising


On this week's episode, the guys discuss advertising. Aaron interviews Nate for a marketing position, Brian gets snubbed by a fan at the Opry, and Nate complains about his stupid nipples. Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze Email - [email protected] #nateland #natebargatze Athletic Greens -
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#84 Award Shows ft. Nic Novicki


On this week's podcast, Nate addresses his latest rant, Aaron appears in a Taylor Swift video, and our buddy Nic Novicki returns to tell us about his recent gig as a presenter at the Golden Globe Awards. Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze Email -...
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