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#55 Discoveries

about 1 year ago

What are some of the most surprising discoveries in human history? We have no idea. But this week we do discuss unexpected inventions, dinosaur bones, never before seen animals, and celebrities who were discovered in unusual ways. Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber ( Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze Email - [email protected] #nateland #natebargatze Vuori - Go to VUORI.COM/NATE and discover the versatility of Vuori Clothing. Not only will you receive 20% off your first purchase, but enjoy free shipping on any U.S. orders over $75 and free returns. Talkspace - Match with a licensed therapist when you go to TALKSPACE.COM Get $100 off your first month with the promo code NATE. Bespoke Post - Get started with the quiz at and use code NATE for 20% off your first box. That’s code NATE, for 20% off your first box. See for privacy information.

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