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Episode 28: The Communicatey & Tricorder-y Show (with guest Will Hines)

about 1 year ago

For reasons unexplained, Tony & Johnny are gone. But filling in, from the 24th century, are everyone’s favorite Federation stooges, Captain Picard and Lieutenant Worf! They’re the podcast’s biggest fans, and they’re recording on the Holodeck and beaming it back through time or something…it all sort of gets explained. You’ll be satisfied with the reasoning, don’t worry. Even though it’s the future, they still manage to encounter Zoom issues. They also get into Klingon cuisine, Picard’s mysterious bathroom incident, and how exposed they feel in Cardassian space! Then, Will Hines beams in to talk about his uneventful breakfast, how much (or little) his death would affect the time stream, and how his tossed-off, comic book podcast with his brother is an unexpected success! Worf and Picard are jealous on Tony & Johnny’s behalf. This episode has action, thrills, and yes, space-degradation! See for privacy information.

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