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Episode 3: Johnny’s Pity Pot (with guest Andrea Rosen)

over 2 years ago

The beverage issues continue in episode 3! But now it’s Johnny’s turn to be distracting with his viscous green, date smoothie. Johnny’s in a foul mood because his wife is out of town for three months, and he’s all alone taking care of his children. Tony is as patient as he can be, and attempts to lighten the mood with two lively improv scenes: Lucy frantically trying to prevent her own murder in a pitch-perfect I Love Lucy parody and a futuristic VR firm discussing the ancient show Fringe with one of its clients. Then, Johnny’s wife Andrea Rosen enters the conversation from afar, and he’s thrown into a pathetic spiral of oversensitivity. A lot of fun stuff, but honestly it gets a little uncomfortable. See for privacy information.

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