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Episode 34: The Perfect Distance (with guest Seth Morris)

12 months ago

The cranks begin with another of their fussy, bicker sessions. Feelings are nearly hurt, but they pull back just in time and align their angst against the other members of their households who consistently fail to refill the toilet paper. Tony has experienced yet another road rage incident at his favorite intersection. Then they discuss the Supreme Court and do a very bizarre scene that hints at a deep contempt for the institution. Seth Morris shimmies in to educate the lads on his color-coded bookshelf, his latter days as a Pilates instructor, and the strange, 3rd party software he uses to record. Seth professes his love for the podcast, but admits that, if he were closer friends with Tony & Johnny, he would be too jealous to listen to it. The boys are delighted, but torn. Because they would like to spend more time with Seth. See for privacy information.

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