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239: Machinedrum

over 3 years ago

This week’s guest is electronic musician Machinedrum (aka Travis Stewart)! Travis joins Doug and Brent to talk about speaking in tongues, making music, and favorite funky fashion trends! See for privacy information.

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In this week's one-on-one, Doug and Brent develop a fun new method of communication and answer some deep and thoughtful questions from the listeners. In After Dark, they do a funny little skit about a guy who doesn't wanna say what street he lives on, and really, you just gotta...
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233: James Marlon Magas


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231: Jason Woliner


Director Jason Woliner is this week's guest on the Poundcast. He's directed tons of stuff like Human Giant, Eagleheart, and most recently, the new Borat movie, which Doug and Brent ask a buttload of questions about. Jason was also a child actor and they talk a bunch about that too...
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230: Tommy Siegel


Musician Tommy Siegel joins Doug and Brent on this episode of The P-Cast. Aside from talking about Tommy's new book of cartoons, I Hope This Helps, they get into some hilarious conversation about new, intimate ways people will greet each other after the pandemic is over. They also talk about...
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229: Brendon Walsh


Comedian Brendon Walsh is back in the mix. On this episode, Brendon shows Doug and Brent his new look, full sleeve tattoos and everything. Brendon also talks about his new son's name and what that's all about. They also figure out some new spins on classic movie monsters in After...
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