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Ep7 Jairek Robbins

over 7 years ago

We talk to Jairek about his new book LIVE IT.  What is your Ideal day? well we talk a bout how you can have it over and over.  Check out

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Ep6 Pat Frances from Rocksolid podcast


Pat Francis from The Rock Solid Podcast. We talk Columbia Record and Tapes. Pat dishes on Some Music people who where dicks to him.We both have some Martha Quinn Love.Then we talk bout the "Crack me Up tour" we did 20 years ago.Fights, stolen Vans, and Being left in Memphis...
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Ep5 Danny Bonaduce


John plays clips from his Danny Bonaduce side Kick days on Detroit Radio. They talk Fights on air, Who would win now. Radio stations behind the scence. 
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Ep4 Butts in the Seat w/


  How to get more Fans at your Shows, customers through your doors, or Sales on your website. John talks with Brand expert  Rocco Castellano .
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Ep3 Katrina Teeple


John Heffron Talks Florida, and Why cant we get rid of crap. His guest Katrina will give  1 quick step, that will make your life easier.  Cluttered IN Florida Dont forget to get Johns Book "I come to you from the Future" availble Online book Stores 
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Ep2 with Kevin Lewis from


What everyone ought to know about avoiding Violance. One thing you should know when it does.
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Ep1 w/ Martha Quinn


Reminiscing in California with Martha Quinn   
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