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Episode129: Joe Jitsukawa has Lazer Eyes

about 6 days ago

Joe and Bobby have one night in Vegas. We talk bathroom line etiquette, fathers on the run, joysticks, and Geraldine’s.

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Episode 129: Joe Jitsukawa has Lazer Eyes


Joe and Bobby have one night in Vegas. We talk bathroom line etiquette, fathers on the run, joysticks, and Geraldine’s.
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Episode 128: Conduit of Love


Bobo hits the concrete. Khaloko has trouble guts. Gilbert is back. George mourns in black. We talk Mayan Jungle, Stardew Valley, and master anglers.
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Episode 127: Tom Segura Shares his Limo


Tom is first class. Bobo is economy. We talk next lovers, first dates, fuck eyes, and the shining path. Watch Tom’s special “Disgraceful” on Netflix now.
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Episode 126: Sosie Bacon is Our Comrade


Sosie has award winning teeth. Bobo opens for Hung. We talk finance, island bush, Vietnamese phrase books, and a German dog trainer.
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Episode 125: Dante Chang Renegotiates


Bobo and Dante hold hands. Khaloko loves ogres. Gilbo is hungry. We talk park scuffles, defectors, and our beloved Tom Hanks.
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Episode 124: Jean-Bob


Bobo gets a lob from the heavens. Khaloko uses reverse psychology. George does a betray. We talk premature balding, centaurs, and Uncle Raoul. #justicewillprevail #dontletthesunfalldown
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Episode 123: Steebeeweebee Goes Red


Kicking off this New Year with some brotherly love/rage. We talk wormholes, shine blockers, and ACE scores. Steve's Show  
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Episode 36: The Hardy Vessel


Bobo almost loses a foot. Khalyla says a final goodbye to the girls. Gilbert is a cry-fighter. We talk cosmetic alterations, gunky blood vessels, and Carl Lewis.   Recorded April 05, 2016 Music by Bobby Lee Instagram: @tigerbelly Twitter: @thetigerbelly Facebook: thetigerbelly
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Episode 122: Jimmy O. Yang & The Woman in the Closet


Jimmy goes boom. Bobo says a prayer. We talk porcelain skin, Crazy Rich Asians, and running from economics.     
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Episode 121: Geo Antoinette is a Pioneer


Geo knows the lie. Bobo double lies. We talk banker blues, hypothermia in the wild, all year round xmas trees, korean gargoyles, tic tic, and a beautiful birth story.  
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