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Episode 105: Pauly Shore & The Chinese Baby

over 3 years ago

Pauly and Bobby talk spa behavior, jumping out of busses, sharing hotel rooms, indecent proposals, and a racist from Shreveport, Louisiana.

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Episode 104: Sharks and the Wizard of Woz


Bobo and Khaloko recap their trip to Hawaii. We talk vacation comas, the real assasin's creed, and the yellowest brick road.
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Episode 103: Awkwafina & The Race of Lyfe


Nora is Clark Kent. Bobo blanks. Khaloko loves super gooky. We talk over-celebrations, spit shields, and JNCO jeans. Recorded 07/31/2017
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Episode 102: Foot Drizzles


Bobo crunches plastic. Khaloko has a foot ritual. Gilbo is the next lover. George is a piece of wood. We talk farmer love, spa winners, and learned helplessness.
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Episode 101: Bart Kwan is Plan B


Bart has Japanese candy nipples. Bobo is Tommy. Khaloko slam winks. Gilbo has silver dollar pancakes. We talk Buffalo Bill, OJ, and anger itches.
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Episode 100: A Family Affair


We take a look back at the beginning, the middle, and tie some loose ends. We make some unsuccessful phone calls (because all you muhfuckas stayed slept) and celebrate 100 hours of chaotic family love. Thank you for sticking around. Instagram: tigerbelly | Twitter: @thetigerbelly
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Episode 99: Eddie Pepitone Hates Your Violence


Eddie stops by to talk John Wick, Joe Pesci, Lorne Michaels, corporate wastelands, selling out, sitcom coolers, and how the outside is the new inside.
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Erik is Lando. Bobo is Yoda. We talk per capita fatness, meteorite showers, and long lost daddies.
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Episode 97: Ari Shaffir & The Chocolate Bar


Ari and Bobby walk us through their stormy history. We talk jizz cleaners, closet peepholes, and psychological warfare. 
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Episode 96: Theo Von & The Peace Meats


Theo stops by to talk Columbus, ginger maggots, pharmacies in heaven, young mustaches, Filipino Grigio, chopstick legs, cocaine cartoons, and Chet from Slidell.   Check out Theo's Podcast "This Past Weekend"   Try out  
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Episode 95: Bob Bunyan and the Nest of Bees


Bobo chops logs. Khaloko wants the booty. Gilbo is JoJo. We talk Wonder Woman, cosmetic stubble, and a Dream Powder Contest.
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