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Episode 142: Moshi The Nugget

8 months ago

Bobo calmly addresses an operator. Khaloko is scarred for life. Gilbert is Simeon. George is sterile. We talk Laurel vs Yanni, a Catholic dad, and new life perspectives.

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Episode 141: Jamie Kennedy & The Shift


Bobo phone home. Khaloko is a debunking debby. We talk Mandela effects, a dance bootcamp, and the Guiness Book of World Records GONE WILLLDD. Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
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Episode 140: Independence Day


Bobo is the Ice King. Khaloko laughs at a funeral. Gilbo is quizzed on his love. George wears a special tee. We talk mental prisons, a balancing act, and a birthday bonanza.
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Natasha says nay on Bey. Bobo robs banks. We talk the briney deep, recessive genes, the lils, and writings of the wall.
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Bonus Belly: Jenna Jimenez is a Hydrogen Atom


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