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Episode 146: Dillon Francis is our CW

7 months ago

DILLON FRANCIS IS OUR CW: Bobo has a fantasy. Dillon is McGovern. We talk heroin heartbreaks, rattlesnakes, green bubbles, and a cinema stand off. 

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Episode 145: Hila and Ethan Klein


The royal couple of H3 stops by to talk kumquats, power balances, courting with steak, the Sun God, hunters-gatherers, glory holes, the evolution of the phallus, and Cliff’s Lumberyard.  Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY & available at Target. Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
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Episode 137: Bert Kreischer & The Hunt For Ice


Bobo bikes. Bert runs. Koloko swims. We talk Korean Math, human prototypes, tongue-less Floridians, and stalactite tears.  
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