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313 Rinsing out the raisin hole with Jimmy Shubert

about 2 days ago

Jimmy Shubert is a man dedicated to bringing joy to the human race.

Fresh back from a trip to India, Jimmy tells me about the unique way people in India clean their raisin holes. How has his life changed since going to India?
In this conversation we talk about how traveling with Russell Peters in India was like traveling with Elvis and how the Hindu Gods were like the first comic book characters. We talk about Shantaram and other books that will change your life.
We talk about the gift shops of Jerusalem and how they sell Jesus' crown of thorns for 5 dollars in case you want to walk around all day with a bloody forehead. Believe it or not Jerusalem is not a big Christmas city but in the Christian quarter they celebrate Santa Claus. We both have had incredible lives from getting to travel the world doing stand up comedy. Here now we talk about our best experiences traveling and other activities that feed our souls. Showbiz might not be looking for any older white guys right now but there have been few honkies in entertainment history who are as dedicated to uniting humanity as we are. "It's not what under the Christmas tree that is important but the people who are sitting around it." To start this holiday season Jimmy and I exchange our favorite street jokes. Our elected officials have firmly wrapped their lips around the cock of corporate greed and the media has successfully divided most of our nation. Replace your news consumption with music that delights your soul Jimmy and I may disagree politically on some topics but that would never negate our love and respect for each other and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Jimmy Shubert!

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312 Creating a hummingbird garden with Tamer Kattan


I love Tamer Kattan because not only is he funny, with deep profound thoughts packed into his comedy, but also because he helped me convert my marijuana farm into a hummingbird garden. In this conversation we talk about his time working in advertising, going to university in Sweden and living...
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311 I haven't killed like this since Appomattox with Charles Ezell


Charles Ezell is a guy I've known since my early San Francisco days. He used to do an impression of Ulysses S. Grant if he had done stand up comedy and the bit always killed me. "I haven't killed like this since Appomattox." Charles has always been a great friend...
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310 Ruining The Joker with James Inman


Hello lovers of knowledge and laughter! In this episode I talk about ruining the surprise ending of the movie Joker for those basement dwellers who hadn't seen it yet. I read hate filled tweets directed at me in the aftermath and choose to deal with them with a loving heart...
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309 The Decline & Fall Of The American Empire with Rajiv Satyal


The Decline & Fall Of The American Empire with Rajiv Satyal In this episode we talk about how the failure of White Christianity will be the end of American democracy and how the American empire will reach its end when the Nazi dictator declares himself president for life. In this...
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308 Live from Portland with Dante Rusciolelli


Hooray and hallelujah! This is the first ever live recording of my podcast coming to you from the hipster city of Portland, Oregon! Dante Rusciolelli is the co-founder of the Portland comedy festival and he and I riff like the skilled joke slingers that we are in front of a...
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307 Straight Out Of Mongolia with Batbileg B


Straight out of Mongolia and coming into your ears, brain and heart is Batbileg B! Pioneer and founder of the Mongolian comedy scene is my friend Bata, owner of UB comedy club and superstar of the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia laugh providers. He is visiting Los Angeles at the moment and stopped...
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306 Brian Holtzman


Brian Holtzman is one of my favorite comedians to watch at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles because he appears to be a man on the verge of a nervous break down or a genius shattering hypocrisy in his revolution against stupidity. There are few performers as exciting as this...
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305 Unshakable confidence with Tony Hinchcliffe


Tony Hinchcliffe grew up in an all black neighborhood in Youngstown, Ohio and it gave him an unshakable confidence that they don't teach you in private schools. Growing up near real life super hero Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini gave him the world view of an unbreakable bad ass and he...
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304 Don't Yuk My Yum with Brad Williams


Brad Williams is on a rocket ship that just blasted off to superstardom. His favorite book is 'The Prince' by Niccolo Machiavelli and he tells me how he has navigated his life using this map. In this episode we talk about sad pathetic lonely fuckers who complain about comedy specials...
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303 This Too Shall Pass with Rafinha Bastos


People of the earth! Throw down your weapons and rejoice in this excellent conversation I recorded with Brazilian comedy superstar Rafinha Bastos. In the past year Rafi has become one of my best friends. He lives in my building and we often talk comedy, help each other with jokes and...
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