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337 Experiencing Trauma

over 2 years ago

The best thing that you can do with bad memories is to pave over them with good ones.
Have you ever had your brain completely fucked by something that you witnessed?
It happened to me last week and I now see that I have been misusing the word traumatized my whole life because I was truly traumatized by what I saw. If you have a weak stomach for harsh stories then this episode might not be for you. These are very hard times for a lot of people so I tried to pack a lot of sunshine in this episode as I always do but there is a doozy of a head fuck story coming your way here. My girlfriend experienced this trauma with me and she shares her side of this story with me and how we have been caring for each other since. I also share the philosophy of Seneca and the Stoics, my thoughts on the passing of Diego Maradona, Trump being the biggest snowflake of them all, how to deal with angry pick up trucks in rural areas, what not to do when driving through a blizzard and the mating habits of frogs. There is also the story of how a horse fell in love with me in Oregon and how being among animals can be a powerful healing medicine. The best thing you can do with bad memories is to pave over them with good ones. Hooray for the compassionate and hooray for humanity!

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336 Reasons to be cheerful


Not being dead is the number one reason to remain cheerful. My girlfriend and I fled Portland last month because of the fires and unbreathable air. For the past month we have been in Los Angeles finding the simple things in life like miniature golf, the zoo and the beach...
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335 Oregon Is My France


Let me tell you all about Oregon & why you should be listening to Bootsy Collins & Curtis Mayfield right now. Praise be to the plum wine man! I was playing the Rick James song 'Busting Out' when I crossed the border from California into Oregon. My girlfriend lives in...
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334 Peach Mango Peru


Grab some fruit and let me take you to Peru. Have you eaten a peach lately? Try eating slices of one while alternating bites with slices of mango. If you can do it while sitting in your underwear in the sun like I did then you are a true champion...
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333 Mom's California Adventure


The best thing you can do with bad memories is to pave over them with good ones. This was my mom's last week in California so after four months of not leaving my neighborhood I rented a car and we blazed up the highway to Sequoia national park. During a...
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332 Yay Us!


In this bleak and anxious world there is still so much joy and beauty to discover. My mom and I have successfully completed watching every art and educational program that I have and here and now we will delight you with all of the knowledge that we have just learned...
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331 Champion Mom


With helicopters circling overhead, I wish you a happy end of slavery day! My mom is a true champion and the current reigning champion of our Scrabble competition. Mother and child is one of the eternal themes of art and that is the theme of my podcast right now as...
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330 Pampered Suffering


During the rut the males exhibit tough guy behavior in order to attract a mate, me myself I always preferred dancing. In these frightening uncertain times it is always good to be reminded of the good that humans have done while working together. That is why my mom and I...
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329 8 minutes & 46 seconds that shook America


In times of tragedy is when human beings show their best sides and their most compassionate sides. Now is the time to speak out and demand that everyone shows a better side of themselves.
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328 Yodeling For Great Museums


When was the last time you let out a good yodel? You can yodel as my mom and I take you on an audio tour of the best museums in America... while wearing face masks of course. Join me now for a few happy yodels and a celebration of knowledge...
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"There is nobody I'd rather have with me in a beer hall brawl than my mother standing beside me with a broken beer bottle in her hand." On our daily walks around my neighborhood my mother and I have been amazed by the exotic plant life and my mom wondered...
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