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over 3 years ago

What are the limits of freedom of speech?
Who went to far with freedom of speech Kathy or Bill Maher?
Take a ride out of the doldrums and depression by letting us show you how to look on the bright side.
In this episode Ashna and I talk about out trip to New York where we hung out with Dave Attell and Michael Che.
Learn how I dealt with following Amy Schumer and her story about paying someone to masturbate her father.
Learn how to deal with your buzz kill neighbors the Seneca way and what Netflix really thinks of white guys.
Learn who Tony Woods thinks is the second most angry black man that he knows.
We also discuss the shooting of Republicans on a baseball field in Virginia and the verdict in the Philander Castille killing.
On a happier note we talk about the book Paris, a biography of a city and the excellent Ken Burns documentary The Roosevelts and the lesson to be learned from Teddy Roosevelt's life that can be valuable to all.
The Einstein series called Genius gets a favorable mention as does the Jimi Hendrix baby gift we sent to fans of our podcast we met in Texas. There are 7.5 billion people on the planet and a lot of them are in a bad mood right now. 
We packed this episode with lots of knowledge nuggets and ways we have found to not be set back by irritating bad news that might threaten your joy. Ashna and I injected vitamin love in this episode and bring you up to speed on our lives, the journey that was undertaken to bring you my new live album and the most important exercise you should be doing this summer. Improve your heart, fill your brain and cheer up!


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