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229 Woman Is The New Church

over 3 years ago

How should you act when a neighbor is harassing and trying to intimidate you?
Learn the outcome of the ongoing saga we have had with our downstairs neighbors who keep making noise complaints against us.
Listeners sent us legal advice, we were acting like civilized adults when everything came to a head when they came to our door accusing Ashna of stomping.
I flew home the next day in a fury of anger and had to go talk to these people.
This week's movie talk is about Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot's breathtaking portrayal and rebranding of the old red booted Wonder Woman, into the new compassionate feminist icon and ass kicking heroism of this year's cinematic Wonder Woman. The subtle messages in the dialogue were just as powerful as the jumping side kicks and skull crunching punches. 
June 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the Summer Of Love.
Is this the Summer of Love or hate?
We conclude this episode with a recap of life enriching quotes by Voltaire, Oscar Wilde, Alan de Botton, Willie Nelson and George Orwell.
Everything we can give you that can improve your life at this particular moment.
Happy summer time! Shalom amigos y amigas! Long may you run!

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