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231 Paris, C'est La Vie

over 3 years ago

Bonjour mon amis! In this episode Ashna and I come to Paris for me to do a show and we stretch it out into a week long visit with summer in full swing.

We start the episode with the update on the crazy downstairs neighbors we have who got in Ashna's face and challenged me to a fight right before we left for Europe.
If you arrive in Paris we are jet lagged and walking the streets until sunrise.
Learn why the apartment we are staying in Ashna describes as the Horror Toilet. We have books on philosophy and jazz records but one theme keeps repeating itself over and over of our Parisian home for the week. In this episode you will learn the best travel tips we have discovered like Rue Montorgueil otherwise known as Tasty Street. Learn how we made an art out of collecting items and perfected the joy of picnicking in Paris. Where are the best places to picnic in Paris?
We reveal the feature of our neighborhood in Paris that reminds me of every Henry Miller book I have ever read. My show in Paris was in a sweltering hot room and I performed while soaking with sweat. We discuss how the meaning of jokes can change and the best response to this persistent problem. How do you create timeless comedy? How do you choose the best cheeses and pastries in Paris?
Where is the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Paris? When is the worst time to try to visit the catacombs in Paris? How best to visit the Pere Llachaise cemetery? After answering these questions I read to Ashna the best quotes by the most famous authors who are buried in Pere Llachaise cemetery. If you can't afford to travel this summer or are planning a trip to Paris you can take a trip with Ashna and I now to the city of love while in the full bloom of summer. I have a long history with Paris and in this episode I try to give all the knowledge nuggets on Paris that will enrich your life, like the secret hidden latin phrase on Jim Morrison's grave. As an insult my brother once said to me "You know Tom, you just want to hang out in cafes in Paris and read books that no one else understands." He was correct and now I'm back and sharing my thoughts on this magic city with you. Bonne Journee!

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