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Hello from the other side of the planet!

This episode of Smart Camp comes to you from Sydney where I talk with charming Australian comedy superstar Wil Anderson.
I first met Wil at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2000.
Since then we have worked with each other in London, New York, Montreal and Los Angeles. His effervescent charm and comedic intelligence always delights me when we get to spend time together and this episode is packed with important knowledge that should be living in your brain.
Wil and I discuss the championship boxing match of the century, when Jack Johnson became the first black heavy weight champion of the world in Sydney in 1908.
You will learn where the term "Great White Hope" comes from and the aftermath of Jim Jeffries getting his ass beat in Reno. (Not the comedian Jim Jeffries).
You will learn why there is no pride in genocide and the proper way to arrange statues in Sydney. Why are all Australians made of money and what did the Aboriginal people say when the first white English people to arrive asked them what they called kangaroos. Why should Australia Day be called Invasion Day?
Learn why the Melbourne Demons should embrace full evil.
Learn a brief history of Ben Cousins and why Ned Kelly's last words are tattooed to his stomach. Wil teaches me how he uses advertising and marketing as a sense to look at the world on his show "Gruen" that has been running for ten years on Australian television. Learn how by using your data companies know more about you than you do. Let us help you see that advertising is emotional pollution and how to remain happy in the modern world. What memorable clash did Wil have with Heath Ledger and what are Mick Jagger's best one liners?
Embrace how charitable acts always come back to you and how owning your choices in life is the path to contentment. I know so many beautiful lunatics in the comedy world and it is a joy to be back in Australia and get to gab it up with the one and only Wil Anderson!


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