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314 Having fun with Josh Wolf

6 months ago

"Modern country music is like heavy metal was in the 80s, it's all about partying, girls and having fun." - Josh Wolf

We start this episode with the remedy of a Charles Bukowski poem that is the shield against some of the monkey mouth chump shit of the world.
How is it possible that some hayseed rednecks drink pickle juice and are the morality tales of the Andy Griffith show more important than the ones in the bible?
How disappointed were little people when Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory was made and the glorious decision Martin Scorcesse made by saying that super hero movies are not cinema. We talk about current films and the reason I went to see the new Terminator movie and how it is connected to my family reunions.
Josh grew up in Amherst, Massachucetts and became a huge country music fan and has more optimism and sunshine than your average New Englander.
We talk about concerts of our youth and the time I saw the audience throw shoes at the B52s until they left the stage in Orlando in 1982. What order would Josh eat the Beatles in their prime if he was in a plane crash in the Andes with them and had to eat them to survive? He also explains the best strategy to use when fist fighting with your son. We discuss finding the funny end to jokes and the reason why you should always keep notes. Why New Zealand is so special and when is a good time to let large men in the front row take their shirts off. The secret to getting fans to bring you gifts of weed on the road is the result of High Life, his back yard live stream video podcast he puts out every Monday evening on his facebook fan page. We rate the best country music songs of all time and I read to him the rarely known Johnny Cash song called 'The greatest cowboy of them all.' which is a song about Jesus as a cowboy. Don't forget to have fun because as Einstein said, "Play is just as important as work for the mind." Josh is a man happily married for 15 years so I end this episode by asking him about the key tips and rules for keeping a marriage alive while pursuing a career in comedy. Josh would never yell at his wife even if the house was on fire and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you the one and only Josh Wolf!

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