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315 Being Less of an Asshole

7 months ago

Everyday my prayer is the same... God please make me less of an asshole.

That is also my New Year's resolution, to try to be less of an asshole.
The epidemic of modern assholishness is something I am not immune to and I was an unrelenting asshole recently when I appeared on the Tom & Dan podcast when I was back in Orlando during the holidays.The tidal wave of internet hate that followed let me know that plenty of people thought I was a turd.
Also when I was back home I met the family of the soldier who had committed suicide who I had witnessed a year before experiencing peak grief at MCO airport. At the moment I saw them it reminded me of how I felt when I lost my sister and it put into perspective that pain from a divorce is a minor thing in comparison to having a loved family member plucked from you out of this life. While at home I had the realization that none of us should ever identify as Republican or Democrat, we should only indentify ourselves as friend, brother, son, husband or the female equivalent and stop treating each other like enemies. In this episode I talk about how my mother came to Los Angeles for Christmas with me and the adventure we had driving up the Pacific coast highway after Christmas. We saw Elephant seals fighting for dominance, the Henry Miller library in Big Sur, Folktales winery where I did a show, the John Steinbeck Center in Salinas and how I love honoring my mother anyway that I can to let me know how special she is to me. For New Year's Eve I flew to Toronto to celebrate with my new girlfriend. We danced all night at the Ritz - Carlton and had abundant fresh fruit all night as we refilled our glasses with champagne and sparkling water for me. I recorded this episode on January 1 in room 1109 at the Ritz - Carlton Toronto right under the CN tower. As a new decade knowledge nugget treat I read to you from the book 'Rad Women Worldwide' about the lives of Fridha Kahlo, Josephine Baker and Marta.
As this new decade dawns I wish you all the best that life has to offer and I pledge my best to be less of an asshole especially to nice guys who don't deserve it like Tom & Dan. In truth I need to keep my jealousy of others in check and be grateful for what I have because I have a lot and my bottom is just as pampered as anyone else's. I am in love, I have great friends and the small group of hard core fans that I do have blow a lot of sunshine into my life. Joy be upon you all for 2020! Hooray for humanity!

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