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320 Under the circus tent of knowledge with Dan Cummins

6 months ago

"If you tried to govern people by the rules of the bible it would be a bloody mess and women would be treated like property."

TRR # 320 Under the circus tent of knowledge with Dan Cummins!

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Dan Cummins is a comedian that I love, respect and admire. He is the rare human that I can blaze any trail with mentality on any topic and we both dazzle each other with valuable knowledge nuggets.

Dan left Los Angeles and moved back home to Idaho, "Playboy of all brands brought our family back home." Since then Dan has created a handsome podcast empire with his "Time Suck" podcast.

Dan tells me about the sexually liberated intellectuals he had the best conversations with during his time working for Playboy television. We talk here about the brothers Grim fairy tales, Disney films, Ted X talks, how going dark gets you more followers than going light, Josephine Baker, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, the Jumbo appendages possessed by Lyndon Johnson and Rasputin, Vlad the Impaler and how the Salem witch trials was essentially a land grab.

This episode was recorded in Las Vegas where people come to show the worst side of themselves, Dan and I have gathered here under the circus tent of knowledge to rejoice in all that we know and to celebrate the joy of friendship with intelligent observations like "The way young people now sit around inventing new apps, in the old days people used to sit around inventing new torture equipment."

It is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Dan Cummins!

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