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322 Applauding The Sunset

over 4 years ago

Is the threat of our possible human extinction bringing you down? This is a big shot of love and sunshine from the Rhodes library. When this stink ball of shit virus shut down the world my dearly loved 80 year old mother was visiting me and I got lucky to be riding out this storm with her.

Had she not been visiting me at this moment we both would have been alone for this and probably each of us would have been more casual in our attitude because of the virus. Because getting her through this alive is my main priority I love my combat preparedness that I consider when I have to go out for supplies.

I love cooking all of our meals and I've learned that as a son I have many duties to my mother but letting her win at Scrabble is not one of them. You've never seen someone get so trounced at Scrabble as I have so soundly been beating her. Qi baby! Qi is a word and you should remember that because if played right it is a crusher. This is a special time now if you are spending it with someone you love. My heart smiled when my mom told me that I remind her of Kanye West because I am always working on projects. Because my balcony faces West I get the most spectacular sunsets and everyday we go out and applaud the sunset. As the sun disappears I say: "Thank you sun you did great today. Enjoy your trip around the earth and we'll see you tomorrow." Because of my vast collection of books, music and movies we have plenty of brain food to feed ourselves with everyday. In the daytime we watch BBC art documentaries and at night we watch classic movies. Currently my mom is reading a book called 'The Success And Failure Of Picasso' and I am on page 713 of the Andrew Roberts' biography of Napoleon called 'Napoleon The Great. Whatever your sacred passions are now is the time to dive in to them and perfect your ability. There is no reason not to come out on the other side of this a better version of yourself. Shalom amigos y amigas!

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