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323 Bunker Birthday Party

over 4 years ago

Hooray for moms!

What good is money if you can't spend it on your mom?
On April 15, 2020 my mother turned 81 years old and we recorded this conversation together under virus quarantine lockdown.
My mother and I have had a beautiful relationship through the years and she has shared all of my triumphs and sorrows as I have shared hers. I love taking trips with her and we have been fortunate to experience together, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich, Buenos Aires and Jerusalem but the unexpected joy of having her with me here in Los Angeles as my bunker partner for great virus lock down of 2020 is the most serendipitous event of my lifetime.
From my mother I get my thoughtfulness and she is my hero not only because she has survived so much to make it to where she is today, but because she taught me how to love, and to love fully. Since the stay at home orders went down my mom and I have a very nicely structured day. In the morning we talk and read our books over coffee and then after breakfast I work (Edit notes on my next album 'The Honky Motherland'). Then after lunch we watch BBC art documentaries and or play Scrabble. After dinner every night we watch a movie from my vast collection of DVDs. In this episode my mother and I talk about and review every movie we have watched so far for the Tom & Sara 2020 Quarantine Film Festival. This is my mother's first ever podcast appearance and it was recorded on her birthday, a day that is always a day I love to celebrate the magnificent human that is my mother. The movies we talk about and the ones that we have seen so far are:
Treasure Of Sierra Madre
Asphalt Jungle
The Killing
What About Bob?
Tropic Thunder
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Sexy Beast
History Of The World Part 1
A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting on Existence
Lion King
Finding Vivian Maier
Only Angels Have Wings
Fist Full Of Dollars
Ask The Dust
The Mission
True Romance
Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World
The Way
Mr. Turner
The Agony & The Ecstasy
The Messenger - Joan Of Arc
Lawrence Of Arabia
Paris, I Love You
Glen Gary Glen Ross
Time Bandits
Legends Of The Fall

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