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326 Mommy Movie talk

over 4 years ago

If my mom ran Hollywood every movie would end with the family all going to church more often.

The great virus lockdown film festival continues!

In this batch of films that my mother and I have watched we discovered that we both love any movie with Jeff Bridges or Clint Eastwood in it. We also discover that my mom won't stomach certain things and is not afraid to ask me to stop a film if she really doesn't like it. You can say what you want about Woody Allen but in not one of his films does anyone ever take a shit in the middle of the road in a wedding dress like happens in the Judd Appatow film. This week for us has seen us loosen our restrictions and start taking walks through my neighborhood every day. It is good for our souls to feel the sunshine on our face, cool breezes on our hair and to see how many extraordinary fig trees are living in my neighborhood. Each night we watch a film and in this conversation today we talk about the 25 films we have watched in the last 25 nights.

It is a hardy feast of movies and I hope you enjoy my mother and I's thoughts and feelings about the these celluloid stories.

Here is the list of the movies we have just watched:

Space Jam

Crazy Heart

True Grit

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

For A Few Dollars More

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Legend Of 1900

The Revenant



Midnight In Paris

The Only Living Boy In New York

Talladega Nights

Sleepless In Seattle

You've Got Mail

St. Vincent

La Grande Belleza

I Saw The Light

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Crossing Delancey

A Walk In The Clouds

My Fair Lady

Hang 'Em High

Gran Torino


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