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333 Mom's California Adventure

over 3 years ago

The best thing you can do with bad memories is to pave over them with good ones.

This was my mom's last week in California so after four months of not leaving my neighborhood I rented a car and we blazed up the highway to Sequoia national park. During a life threatening virus outbreak it is good to look at 3,000 year old Sequoia trees and be reminded that the earth survives and life goes on. We learned what not to do if you are attacked by a bear, cougar or struck by lightning. Our next trip to the Huntington library was a bust and we were turned away for not having reservations. For the 4th of July we drove up to Santa Barbara and discovered this gem of Spanish architecture with a gorgeous beach and vibrant pier. Because the fireworks were canceled we drove back home in time to catch all of the illegal fireworks being shot off that can be seen from my building. Thank God for the criminals of Los Angeles who provided the celebratory entertainment. On our last day today my mom crushed me 237-210 in our Mom and Tom Scrabble championship and she will take home the trophy. I'm thankful that I have spent these past four months with my mom, it is a memory that we will always cherish in that we survived it all together and nothing could make me happier than for my mom to thump me at Scrabble on our last day when it counted most. Her smile as she held up the trophy is a sight that made my heart glow. I will be lonely when she leaves but it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Sara Rhodes, my mom! Shalom amigos y amigas and long may you run!

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