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Episode 12 - Sean Donnelly

about 5 hours ago

Comedian Sean Donnelly (Conan, Letterman) join Dan to go through a list of bad wrestling gimmicks.

Other Episodes

Episode 11 - Eli Sairs


Comedian Eli Sairs (Comedy Central's Roast Battle) recaps Wrestlemania and the Raw and Smackdown after Wrestlemania.
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Episode 10 - Scott Chaplain & Andrew Goldstein


Scott Chaplain (Comedy Central) and Andrew Goldstein (Open Late) join Dan to preview Wrestlemania 34.
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Episode 9 - Evan M. Williams


Dan is joined by comedian Evan M. Williams (The Americans).
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Episode 8 - Skylar Astin & Luke Cunningham


Dan is joined by actor Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) and writer/comedian Luke Cunningham.
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Episode 7 - Bryan Diperstein


Bryan Diperstein does a temporary brand switch from Cheap Heat to talk all things Maj. Real fun episode.
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Episode 6 - Mike Lawrence - Part II


'Roast Battle' season one champion Mike Lawrence returns to the show to talk Roman, Cena, and zombie Paige.
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Episode 5 - Tony Hinchcliffe


Dan is joined by Tony Hinchcliffe of Kill Tony and The Store Horsemen to talk RAW and preview Wrestlemania.
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Episode 4 - Jenn Sterger and Dan Black


Jenn Sterger comes on and talks about how she broke her neck in WWE Developmental and Dan Black loves the House of Horrors match. It's a good time.
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Episode 3 - Mike Lawrence


Mike Lawrence and Dan talk Smackdown Top Ten, Authority Figures, and why Quincy Jones gave the best shoot interview of all time. Rate and subscribe!
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Episode 2 - Sean O'Connor


Dan St. Germain talks with the hilarious Sean O’ Connor (Half Hour Special, Conan, Writer on James Corden) about Ronda Rousey, Kenny Omega, and the best way to ruin Wrestlemania. It’s a goddamn damn hoot is what it is.
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