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The Roast of Ronda Rousey and QTAnon

over 3 years ago

Dan, Scott Robert, and Mike are joined for this week's roast by comedian Maddy Smith! 1. Show and Hell - The Belzer attack 2. Bright Side of the Ring 3. The Roast of Ronda Rousey 4. Q T Anon: Is this part of a bigger conspiracy? Has QT been the guy sending us secret messages about the pedos that secretly run AEW? 5. High Spots 6. Low Spots 7. Monday Morning Booker Man - Booker T vs Hunter. How would you book it and what's the program afterwards? 8. Grimmicks: What was worse Naked Mideon or Vito in a Dress 9. Shoots Creek 10. Babyface the Nation - Rodimer commercial Follow our Twitters: @somaddysmith @WrestleRoasts @WWECreative_ish Follow our Instagram: @somaddysmith @wrestleroasts @mikelawrencecomedy Join the Patreon: Buy our Merch:

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