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Ep 144 - On The Road

over 6 years ago

We're BACK! After 2 weeks of being gone shooting some TV shows and touring, Rodrigo and I took the mobile equipment on the road with us and did a mini episode just to shut you guys up! Damn! We talk to Nico, a comic and radio personality from El Paso and Adam Murray, a comic from Orlando (who we've had on the show before) and we get a lot of current event information wrong. Have a listen. LINKS Adam Murray: TWITTER: @AdamMurrayLive INSTAGRAM: @AdamMurrayLive Nico Adjemian: TWITTER: @Nico_Adjective INSTAGRAM: @NicoAdjemian Felipe Esparza: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @FunnyFelipe INSTAGRAM: @FelipeEsparzaComedian Rodrigo Torres: TWITTER: @RodrigoTorresJr INSTAGRAM: @RodrigoTorresJr TUMBLR: Lesa Esparza (Producer, editor, "What's Up Fool?" podcast) TWITTER: @WhatsUpFoolPod Voodoo Glowskulls (they do our theme song) Ernesto Yerena (he designed our podcast logo) INSTAGRAM: @ernestoyerena #comedy; #Standupcomedy; #Chicano; #LatinoComedian; #MexicanAmerican; #lastcomicstanding; #elpaso; #ChucoTown; #whatsupfool

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