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#124: Lets Go Mets, please

over 8 years ago

1- Raise better deputies 2- Your question doesn't match my answer 3- Kansas birthday celebration 4- We've saved the bears -- lets kill 'em 5- We’ve saved the kids lets…uh oh 6- Lets Go Mets, please

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#123: Goodbye Biden


1-Goodbye Biden 2-Politics + hypocrisy= funny 3-We lost 1 million ponds and saved our liberty 4-Guns vs Dildos, Lets go with Guns and shoot the dildos 5-Porn Kills, well not really but it sounds good 6-Church kills not really, wait the Word of Life church DOES kill 7-No good deed...
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#122: Maronzio Vance and Aida Rodriguez


With special guests: comedians Maronzio Vance and Aida Rodriguez 1- By popular demand we have guests 2- Hate for fun and profit 3- His name is Cayden 4- Trolls used to guard bridges
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#121: A Real Hero


1-We’re shooting again 2-Stuff happens and it is political 3-A real hero 4-If the 8 year olds had guns 5-Apparently I’m descended from immigrant agricultural workers 6-They learned to play nice
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#120: Hello Pope


1- Hello Pope 2- The Devil You know 3- Shut down the, oh never mind 4- Waa Waa...Trump is mad again Waaaa 5- TSA: The Stupid Agency 6- South Carolina is going Syrian 7- Baseball is fun again 8- It Ain't Over till Its over. Sadly, Its over
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#119 - LIVE from LA Podfest 2015


LIVE from the Los Angeles Podcast Festival 2015 Guest: Baron Vaughn, Tamer Kattan and Matt Kirshen 1- Republican Reality Show 2- Donald meet Arnold 3- 9/11? Oh that 9/11 4- Ahmed knows what time it is 5- Jesus wore saggy pants If you've got a car and a license, put...
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#118: No Grown Ups Allowed


1- No grown ups allowed 2- Those fascinating Republicans 3- Well you looked black 4- Welcome to Phoenix. Its 1827...Start Shooting 5- Serena, Slam Them then Smile If you've got a car and a license, put 'em both to work for you and start earning serious, life-changing money today. Sign...
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#117: Constitution Schmonstitution


1- Football is here & we're out of courts 2- I'm more rich old white man than you 3- A unicorn rode a rainbow to bring me news of black Republicans 4- You don't punish Tom Brady without permission from Tom Brady 5- Concussion the movie the NFL doesn't want...
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#116: Where's My Fall Guy?


1-Heroes 2-Another level of murder 3-We're number 1, sadly 4-Trump yeah, again 5-Long way from Confederate flag 6-ESPN bottom 10 7-Where's my fall guy? If you've got a car and a license, put 'em both to work for you and start earning serious, life-changing money today. Sign up to drive...
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#115: No Trophy for You


1- Sex Sex Sex 2- Jared pays for trying to pay 3- Marriage is Sacred meet my wife Ashley Madison 4- Viagra for women? I'll faint 5- El Nino is coming 6- No Trophy for You 7- I wanna be in the NBA If you've got a car and a...
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#114: Let's Take the Summer Off


1- The Donald, still 2- Even Megyn needed vacation 3- How to get to Sesame Street? 4- Days of our lives, in football 5- Target kids toys, hit PC 6- Lets take the summer off
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