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#140: Ocean Meat with Owen Smith

over 7 years ago

1- Media for Money 2- Trump Women trump women 3- Here a gun there a gun but nowhere near me a gun 4- Stay in school kids 5- Ocean Meat 6- Our gaps are OK....This is ‘Merica dammit

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#139: I'm Back To Work


1- Voter fraud in AZ. Say it aint so 2- Trump and Cruz go after wives in new battle for a new low 3- We need fewer Muslims and more guns 4- Kid shoots pro gun mom from car seat 5- Get your gun and git to college 6- Baseball...
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#138: All Trump All the Time


1- Not much news on 80’s cruise 2- I just heard about Oscars 3- Trump front page every day 4- Ben I’m gonna miss you 5- Cricket, really I can’t get with soccer and now you give me cricket 6- Oh well I’ve got Zika, or Ziga or sumpin 7-...
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#137: Can't Stop This Train


1- Mark Twain had it right 2- Not even Rove can stop him 3- Klan Rally, Trump Rally - Same Rally? 4- Sorry Bernie, time for reality 5- Smarter man than me says its not so bad 6- Wish I’d seen the Oscars, or not
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#136: Random Thoughts


1- Short and quickest podcast ever 2- Historically Incorrect 3- Situational Constitutional 4- Trump up. Bush, not so much 5- Losing from the front 6- Beyonce is Black, oh my
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#135: Super Bowl Vs President


1- Superbowl vs President -- I’ll take Super Bowl 2- Cam, you do you 3- Beyonce in sexy outfit? Stop the presses. 4- Johnny Football beats a woman, you know, like a football player 5- No surprises in New Hampshire 6- Rubio answers question, Rubio answers question, Rubio answers question...
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#134: Lamont Ferguson and Mal Hall


With special guests Lamont Ferguson and Mal Hall 1- Cruz Crazy 2- Hillary Grassroots Clinton 3- Ben Carson beat the kids table 4- Kool and the who? 5- Goodbye Oregon 6- And the Oscar goes to S.A.G. 7- Flint don't drink the ahh never mind 8- Blake hit Cam Newton...
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#133: The Erotic Militia


1- Executive order is not martial law 2- The erotic militia 3- Constitution on/off switch 4- Natural born like Jesus intended 5- Luminosity not that smart 6- Powerball: hookers and cocaine like Jesus intended
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#132: Happy New Year...we made it


1-HAPPY NEW YEAR we made it 2-There’s been a militia sighting, I think 3-Trump wins. Its liar award but he wins and that’s what counts 4-Black lives don’t matter 5-Cosby Arrested 6-Sneaker bandit and other internet adventures 7-I’m betting FanDuel and Draft Kings wont be around long 8-Hoverboards melt down...
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#131: Grand Canyon? Where are you?


1-A mass shooting by any other name 2-Gins don’t kill Toasters don’t toast 3-Republican debate WW3 wins 4-Save the starving horse owners 5-Obama IQ not 102 but maybe it should be 6-Where’d I put that damn Grand Canyon
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#130: Trump Vs Tea Party


1- San Bernardino: Too much is never enough 2- The cycle continues 3- Trump vs Tea Party: We all lose 4- Shooting is good for the gun biz 5- ESPN say don't see Concussion. I can’t wait to see Concussion 6- The Force is coming 7- Asshole is as Asshole...
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