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#144: Intelligent Immigrant with Cristela Alonzo and Lachlan Patterson

over 8 years ago

Guests: Cristela Alonzo and Lachlan Patterson 1- Republican party is dead, again 2- Pure evil endorses Trump 3- Trump/Palin/Christie/Carson/who knows 4- It's on the internet. It must be true 5- You have the right to remain private

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#133: The Erotic Militia


1- Executive order is not martial law 2- The erotic militia 3- Constitution on/off switch 4- Natural born like Jesus intended 5- Luminosity not that smart 6- Powerball: hookers and cocaine like Jesus intended
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#132: Happy New Year...we made it


1-HAPPY NEW YEAR we made it 2-There’s been a militia sighting, I think 3-Trump wins. Its liar award but he wins and that’s what counts 4-Black lives don’t matter 5-Cosby Arrested 6-Sneaker bandit and other internet adventures 7-I’m betting FanDuel and Draft Kings wont be around long 8-Hoverboards melt down...
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#131: Grand Canyon? Where are you?


1-A mass shooting by any other name 2-Gins don’t kill Toasters don’t toast 3-Republican debate WW3 wins 4-Save the starving horse owners 5-Obama IQ not 102 but maybe it should be 6-Where’d I put that damn Grand Canyon
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#130: Trump Vs Tea Party


1- San Bernardino: Too much is never enough 2- The cycle continues 3- Trump vs Tea Party: We all lose 4- Shooting is good for the gun biz 5- ESPN say don't see Concussion. I can’t wait to see Concussion 6- The Force is coming 7- Asshole is as Asshole...
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#129: Everything...again


1- Mass Shooting- again 2- Its mental health, yeah, of congress 3- Racism- again 4- Trump Lies- again 5- Amy Schumer- TRUTH 6- Crazy laws blah blah blah 7- Mass shooting - again
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#128: Maz Jobrani and Suli McCullough


Guests: Maz Jobrani & Suli McCullough 1- Why think when you can bomb 2- A southern rally by any other name… 3- The American Dream sours with a drop of Muslim 4- The Original Refugees 5- I made it up. Does that matter? 6- To Pee or not to Pee...
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#127: My War on Christmas


1-Terror in France, Republican Idiots at home 2-My Parents were Cuban refugees so lets keep out those refugees & other disconnects 3-Jesus was a Middle Eastern Refugee 4-Blame it on Obama 5-Its called Intelligence for a reason 6-Shoutout to Derek B 7-Tis the season to start my war on Christmas...
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#126: The Kiddie Table


1- Why is there still a kiddie table? 2- Trump's not funny...intentionally 3- Ben Carson is funny any way you slice it 4- I’m so loyal to Democrats I won't vote for a Democrat 5- Missouri is the show me state: Show Me the Money oh and football 6- Greg...
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#125: Jeff Korber, Owen Benjamin & Clayton Thomas


1- Brilliant guests: Jeff Korber, Owen Benjamin & Clayton Thomas 2- Don't ask me that 3- Preemptive impeachment 4- Constitution? We shot it. 5- where's my Oxy 6- Forget Oxy -- where's my heroin 7- I'm Tom Brady. Please don't like me 8- Don't steal from Superwoman
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#124: Lets Go Mets, please


1- Raise better deputies 2- Your question doesn't match my answer 3- Kansas birthday celebration 4- We've saved the bears -- lets kill 'em 5- We’ve saved the kids lets…uh oh 6- Lets Go Mets, please
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