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#147: Stop Or I'll Shoot!

over 8 years ago

1-Alton Sterling shot, here we go again 2-No CHP this isn’t a movie 3-Guns don’t kill, I did 4-Hillary's not a criminal unless you already believe she is 5-NBA has a black card, that’s a black credit card 6-Tesla auto drives to trouble 7-Noah is back 8-Pfizer says drugs are addicting, in other news water is wet

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#146: Here We Go Again


1- Mass shooting cycle 2- Trump wants to fight 3-Florida’s bad week 4- Beauty ruined 5- No Trans Bathroom, but trans porn is ok though 6- Hope in a loss
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#145: I'm Rattled Too


1. Thanks North Dakota, we been Trumped 2. Transgender State of Emergency 3. Rope around kids neck - not discrimination. Transgender bathroom - That's discrimination 4. Clarence is at it again 5. The mob is so jealous of Payday lenders 6. Apple updates me to Microsoft 7. Sports stuff
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#144: Intelligent Immigrant with Cristela Alonzo and Lachlan Patterson


Guests: Cristela Alonzo and Lachlan Patterson 1- Republican party is dead, again 2- Pure evil endorses Trump 3- Trump/Palin/Christie/Carson/who knows 4- It's on the internet. It must be true 5- You have the right to remain private
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#143: I'm With Her


1-Cruz out Kasich out -- its all Trump 2-Repubs are rushing to Hillary #nevertrump 3-It all started with Palin...or Bachman or Santorum or insert crazy here 4-Fox News confused 5-Beyonce, CIA, I knew it 6-My nigga 7-Surge in surge costs 8-Stay in school kids so when they catch you, you...
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#142: Hong Kong Phooey


1- Back from yellow fever 2- Tough losses last week 3- Hillary vs Donald vs America 4- Apple cars and lead pipes, at the same time 5- NASCAR leading the way. Backwards 6- NBA is hurting 7- Its all about Beyonce. No really, it is
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#141: Tattoo My Face


1- I value New York Values 2- Face tattoos. So that's it. Thanks Bill. 3- Yep, I told you, NASCAR 4- Bernie vs Hillary 5- Damn Bill, even you? 6- I have met the enemy and he is us. Not the government 7- No American Airlines. It's not me. It's...
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#140: Ocean Meat with Owen Smith


1- Media for Money 2- Trump Women trump women 3- Here a gun there a gun but nowhere near me a gun 4- Stay in school kids 5- Ocean Meat 6- Our gaps are OK....This is ‘Merica dammit
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#139: I'm Back To Work


1- Voter fraud in AZ. Say it aint so 2- Trump and Cruz go after wives in new battle for a new low 3- We need fewer Muslims and more guns 4- Kid shoots pro gun mom from car seat 5- Get your gun and git to college 6- Baseball...
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#138: All Trump All the Time


1- Not much news on 80’s cruise 2- I just heard about Oscars 3- Trump front page every day 4- Ben I’m gonna miss you 5- Cricket, really I can’t get with soccer and now you give me cricket 6- Oh well I’ve got Zika, or Ziga or sumpin 7-...
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#137: Can't Stop This Train


1- Mark Twain had it right 2- Not even Rove can stop him 3- Klan Rally, Trump Rally - Same Rally? 4- Sorry Bernie, time for reality 5- Smarter man than me says its not so bad 6- Wish I’d seen the Oscars, or not
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