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#167: This Reality Is Real

over 7 years ago

1- Great Americans Day my ass 2- Do something.. Oh wait you did. 3- Nice Klavern you have there. 4- Let's grab a pussy. 5- You see, what bully means is... 6- Yacht racing? YEP. 7- Lamar Odom, make Reality TV great again? Please.

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#166: 2017 Starts Off With a Bang & Not The Good Kind


1- Off to a horrific start. 2- Then it got worse. 3- The answer is no ladies. 4- Me & Lindsay Graham. Never thought I'd say that. 5- She’s off the Kool Aid. 6- Golden Globes Gold. 7- Fix my teleprompter. 8- 80 years of Spam.
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#165: Happy New Year... I Think


1-Goodbye 2016, you killed. 2- Not all Trump, I hope. 3- Now he sends Russians home? 4- Conspiracy and crazy playing ball together. 5- Edward R Murrow is spinning in his grave. 6- Sports, that’s right, sports.
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#164: The Death of Kindness


1- Person of the year not NICE person of the year 2- The Russians have attacked, I mean Hacked 3- The Death of Kindness 4- Hidden Figures you should know
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#163: There Is No Escape


1- Trump calls Taiwan 2- In other Tweets 3- I doth protest 4- Stand your ground 5- I see your Prius and I raise you a Bolt 6- Tiger's back 7- I don't care what you say, those are leggings
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#162: Happy Thanksgiving, I Hope


1- Happy Thanksgiving, I hope 2- I don't need education in education to run education 3- Security? We’re going to need some money 4- Being President is good for business 5- Kris Humphries? What?? 6 - Merry Christmas go buy her a Lexus and get that G wagon for yourself
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#161: If You're Happy And You Know It


1- Who’s happy? Where they at? 2- Cabinet of Deplorables 3- No, its not OK 4- I can’t make it better 5- Leave my TV at home
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1 - Damn...I thought I was wrong about the Cubs 2 - First 100 daze 3 - I need a truck and a gun
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#159: Just Email Me C/O the FBI


1 - There might be something that may have to do with the thing, maybe 2 - Hillary might be only woman that doesn’t have email of Weiner’s weiner 3 - Cubs Win. Nah, just kidding 4 - This Halloween, I’m giving violence 5 - Live longer with Facebook
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#158: It All Comes Together


1 - Undecided about debates 2 - Read a book 3 - Well you build the highways... 4 - ATT HBO CNN: if its got initials, we want it 5 - Time off from nothing 6 - Pedals dead....clowns live 7 - Snakes on a plane have landed
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#157: Just Clowning Around


1- Trump said something 2- Fake story only clowns would believe 3- Sorry clown was taller 4- Batman vs the Clown 5- Sheriff Joe should be a clown 6- The Exploding clown phone 7- Clown ballot
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