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#235: Mary And Joseph Were Refugees

over 5 years ago

1 - Buy the Wall, Buy the Wall 2 - Tucker advertisers not dirty 3 - Hate is a real consequence 4 - Mar A Lago is a mar a dump 5 - Banking While Black 6 - $7 is charity, right? 7 - Toys for kids is real charity 8 - What they think of us 9 - RIP and thank you, Ms. Marshall

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#225: My Wife Did It


1- “Don’t monkey this up.” You just did. 2- Not qualified at all. Welcome to the administration! 3- The accountant is ready to talk. 4- Leave my wife out of it, even though I said she did it. 5- Mass shooting again... 6- Cop found… guilty? 7- Hey, officers, there’s...
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#224: And The Word Of The Week Is... Crazy


1- Thanks, Florida. 2- Unhinged... I got tapes. 3- Truth is Not Truth. Thats true. 4- Master race? You can’t get into Master Bedroom 5- Stephen Miller is a verified hypocrite 6- Those priests are still at it. Now where are the good Catholics? 7- Don’t see Billionaires Club. Go...
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#223: I Watched A Murder


1 – Armando Frank was killed on YouTube. No indictment necessary. 2 – LeBron opened a school. People got mad. What The Fuck?! 3 – Don’t count your chickens, or Ostrich as the case may be. 4 – Wilbur Ross is pulling a Madoff 5 – Trump tweets beyond… oh...
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#222: I'm Going To Canada


1- He would, or he wouldn’t, would he, wouldn’t he? 2- Treason? Nah, just Obama. 3- Jesus was ‘Merican. 4- I met James Comey. He’s tall. 5- Standing ground… again. 6- Sorry To Bother You
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#221: Self Made


1- Mr. Putin, your pet is at it again. 2- Oh great, now hate crimes come in all colors. 3- Here comes da judge. 4- A prosecutor who should be prosecuted 5- Rich famous, and now self-made. 6- Really self-made mayor of S.F.. 7- There are 64 million reasons to...
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#220: Not So Supreme Court


1. This decision makes sense. Just ask God. 2. Benefits! Get your free benefits here! 3. You will be sentenced to 30 years. 4. Horrible women 5. Permit Patty, Mike Huckabee, and other non-racist racists. 6. Life in the poor lane 7. Tweet of the Week
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#219: I Was Wrong, We All Are


1. I was wrong. Don’t arrest me. 2. Horrible people, I’m noticing a pattern. 3. Locking up kids. 4. Control costs more than money. 5. Take some R&R and get laid black
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#218: Winners, Losers, and Champions


1- Hello, Officer, there's an NFL playing burglar outside. 2- If Canada is angry, it's you, not Canada. 3- Will they or won't they? Only Singapore knows. 4 - Piece of cake as long as it's not gay cake. 5- Welcome, champions. Well not you, or you, or those guys...
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#217: The News Is New... Or Not.


1- America First, whether we like it or not. 2- New police tactics seem to match old police tactics. 3- M.A.G.A. with no jobs or hospitals or housing or… 4- NFL: No Fans League 5- I’ll be damned, Rachel, someone did buy the book. 6- Go! Knights! Go! 7- Stacy...
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#216: Put Down The Phone


1- Stop calling cops. 2- I’ll be at the cookout. 3- Doing everything at the police station. 4- Gas is going up. Where’s that coal powered car? 5- Iran, Jerusalem, confusion, war. 6 - I’ll bet on that. 7 - Georgia on my mind. 8 - The Miserable States of...
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