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#256: Treason! High Treason, I say!

over 4 years ago

1– We got the JAZZ 2– Who built this house? 3– Treason: plain and simple 4– Start the impeachment, please. 5– If they or them say so, they are. 6– Once you bite a camel's balls…

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#245: Get to CEO school NOW


1- Biden without Obama? 2- First Power the Policy 3- Disney CEO is richer than Iron Man 4- Hire your own lawyer 5- I didn’t know breaking the law was illegal 6- Wait, the law applies to me too? But I was just being racist. 7- Move the campus? No...
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#244: The Lie Becomes The Truth


1– If I keep lying, the only truth is I’m lying. 2– Don’t like lies? Well, we’ve got hypocrisy. 3– Candace says Hitler wasn’t bad, at home 4– Different color, same hypocrisy 5– Kudos to the Champions 6– 2 Arkansas men should be in Florida
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#243: It's The Economy, Stupid


1– Forget Mueller, Get elected 2– J.G. Wentworth, get your money now 3– A.O.C. and the science of a takedown 4– Jussie, W.T.F.?! 5– Tournament Time 6– Let's play nice
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#242: Stupid Goes To School


1- I paid my money and my kids goin'. 2- When you’re an idiot, everything is complicated. 3- I can see the prices going up. 4- It doesn’t take a resolution to know it's wrong. 5- Man up, like ballplayers do. 6- Ignore the barrier, feed the cat.
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#241: The FiXXer


1- Glad he didn’t know my secrets 2- No f**ks given 3- Black friend for hire 4- Guarantee your loss to AOC 5- Kid sex: Sadly, it' a thing. 6- DO NOT order the salsa extra spicy
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1– Jussie Smollett: ASSHOLE 2– State of Emergency over at the buffet 3– They were right. There was voter fraud. 4– Zion, Hope You're okay. College sports isn’t. 5– White is not a race. 6– Remember Black Panther
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#239: Let America Be America Again


1– Dry Land 2– State of the Union 3– She Clapped back 4– Fundamentally Broken 5– Tough Choices 6– Guess I’ll take old racism over new racism 7– Let America Be America Again
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#238: Winning Winning Winning Always Winning


1- Shut up, Shutdown 2- It's just a Friday 3- The real evil 4- MAGA hoods 5- White terrorist 6- Don’t mess with the AOC 7- Brady Brady, it's always Brady
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#237: Masculinity Mac and Cheese


1- New Mac, old problems 2- It's raining 3- Trump, Pelosi. Pelosi, Trump. 4- Single issue luxury 5- Rolls Royce luxury 6- Thank you, Ms. Cortez. 7- Thank you, government workers. 8- 27 lbs. of mac and cheese... Only in ‘merica. 9- The best a man can get? 10- I’m...
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#236: The Government Is More Important


1- Comics on Comics 2- Tiffany can bomb. 3- Louis can try jokes. 4- Burr is not racist. 5- Trump is racist. 6- Let's open the government, then judge jokes. 7- New laws?
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