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#259: Lock Him Up

over 4 years ago

1- Even when good, he’s bad 2- Lock him up 3- Deficit? Nothing to see here. Well, actually 1 trillion things to see here. 4- Jesus needed a soundtrack 5- We are on fire. That is not good. 6- We are inclusive in our racial ignorance 7- Survey says: Thanks!

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#258: Stupid Is As Stupid Does


1- Trump Free Zone. Nope. 2- Can’t we just combine them and build one? 3 - I like Bill 4- Don’t give up, even when there's reason to give up. 5- Like father like son. Trump Jr. a.k.a. Son of Dumb Ass
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#257: Rich *sshole Syndrome


1– He’s unhinged 2– My great and unmatched wisdom does not exist 3– Guilty 10 years 4– Dog lives matter 5– It should pay to go to college 6– Rich assholes now have a syndrome. They’ve earned it.
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#256: Treason! High Treason, I say!


1– We got the JAZZ 2– Who built this house? 3– Treason: plain and simple 4– Start the impeachment, please. 5– If they or them say so, they are. 6– Once you bite a camel's balls…
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#255: Are We Ready For Some Football?


1- Well I’ll be damned... Kavenaugh is a slimeball. 2- “Stay Pending Appeal” needs to stay out of Supreme court 3- When will we question the liar? 4- US to Kuwait by way of Scotland? Let's try that in WAZE. 5- Debate Debate Debate 6- 14 days = 5 years...
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#254: This Time It's Personal


1– If you don’t like it, Don’t Watch it. 2– 53 Dead: A new record 3– American Airlines, It's not just me. 4– Stand your ground = manslaughter 5– Finally a bad one dies 6– The activities fund was used for some hella bad activity
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#253: I'm Tired Of It


1- Anti-Fascist is not pro-terror. It's ANTI-FASCIST. 2- 2019 or 1955 3- Go see The Look. Spoiler: black people you’ve seen it already 4- Jay Z and the NFL 5- Simone Biles is the GOAT 6- RIP Cedric Benson
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#252: The Murder Edition


1- 4 shootings over 40 dead, if you’re keeping score. 2– Yes, it's racism. Yes, it's Trump. And it was Dayton, not Toledo. 3– No, it wasn’t video games or gay marriage. 4– The Times drops the ball 5– Now a word from a real President. Thank you, Mr. Obama...
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#251: The Squad


1- Crazy travels 2- It's hard to defend my racist. 3- Pelosi vs The Squad: Trump wins. 4- Send pedophiles to gen pop! 5- Heirs property is real wealth 6- Who does he play for? 7- Have FUN.
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#250: WOW 250 EPISODES


1- One episode, 10 episodes, or all the episodes... THANKS FOR LISTENING! 2- We’re debating early 3- Couldn’t be a scumbag, she’s not my type. 4- Republican power forever 5- Gimme that blood. You have no secrets. 6- Hello, Oregon. We ain’t voting. We got gunz. 7- Conservative comics getting...
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#249: Now Back To Reality


1- Sarah Huckabee Sanders is gone. It's true. 2- Pride? NO. Cuba? NO. Pelosi? NO. Foreign interference in elections? I’m ok with that. 3- Poor red states. I’m not offering sympathy. I’m saying we have poor ass red states. 4- Alabama hates abortion so much they gave back free money...
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