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#277: Our First Week Open

over 4 years ago

1- Murder, riots, shootings at the beach... it’s only been a week. 2- George Floyd murder, after Aubrey murder after, Taylor murder... Can’t keep up. 3- You realize thugs and looters come in white too? 4- Hey, Kanye, listen to Taylor. 5- Twitter says, "Shut up Trump." 6- It’s not the testing, stupid. 7- Amy can’t go to the park 8- You do realize there are black men in the NBA, don’t you? 9- Amy can’t go to the park

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#276: God Gave You A Brain. It's Okay To Use It


1- Dog whistles, I mean, racist signals everywhere 2- He ain’t bright 3- Obama congratulates graduates 4- Does he stay or does he go now? 5- Religion vs science: You lose. 6- A Florida man. Imagine that. 7- She flies with with the birds
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#275: Ain’t Freedom Free To Be Dumb


1- I doth protest 2- Bill Gates is not out to kill you 3- Call it what it is. Racist, misogynistic baby talk. 4- Obamagate is real. Real BS. 5- Karen Karen Karen 6- Real heroes being heroes
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#274.5: It's Just A Mask


1- Been busy. Only 1/2 an episode. 2- Thanks for letting me be myself 3- Mask politics 4- Mask Killing 5- Masking common sense 6- Justice for Ahmaud Arbery 7- Just be nice, dammit. BE NICE.
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#274: I Ain't Mad At'Cha


1- Don’t be like Mike. Pence, that is. 2- "I was just kidding or lying or dumb." 3- We’re #1. One a million and counting... 4- We can re-open, soon as I get over this cough... 5- Ahh, New Zealand... 6- Let’s open the gym because I own gyms. 7-...
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#273: Are They All Bad?


1- Protest. Liberate. Let our stupid run free. 2- No, you’re not slaves. You’re fools. 3- This is a test, Georgia. It is only a test. 4- Vegas is a gamble 5- Who finances this operation freedom thing? 6- My Pillow, My Masks, My Money 7 - Big business is...
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#272: Jackie Robinson Was Better Than All Of Us


1- Little orange baby throws a tantrum 2- Council of idiots to open ‘Merica 3- Propaganda checks 4- Your stupidity is absolute, your power is not. 5- Second Amendment vs Tenth Amendment: his followers have read neither 6- Damn you, Chinese racists. 7- Damn you, NASCAR racists. 8- Thank you...
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#271: It's A Conspiracy


1- Scoreboard Celebrities 2- Hey, Jared. Yes, they’re ours. It's in the title. 3- It ain’t 5G 4- Ok, churches. God gave us brains. Let's use them. 5- Never apologize for mocking stupidity 6- Madea is an angel 7- Lean on Me. Thank you, Bill Withers.
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#270: In A Brooklyn Bubble


1- Let's drop his ratings. 2- Stay inside and out of Florida. 3- Keep your distance. Really. 4 - Yes. We are that bad. 5- What are you doing? 6- If you’re walking the streets of Brooklyn in a plastic bubble, you’re winning. 7- I hope there’s hope
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#269: Stupid Don't Get Tired


1- No leadership 2- Left Africa to stand in line 3- Keep laughing 4- Scientists are smarter than politicians 5- Did i mention no leadership? 6- KUDOS to the food chain people 7- Everything is cancelled 8- Don't shoot. Don’t drink the bleach. 9- How about that lack of leadership...
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#268: Travels, man. Travels.


1- Ship to LA to FL to LA to MIL to LA to TX to Cape Town! 2- Super Tuesday 3- Please support your democrat. 4- First symptom is stupid 5- I’ll be back.
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