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#287: I'm Hypocritical AF

over 4 years ago

1- Biden/Harris

2- Losing from the front

3- I got nothing.

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#286: Find Something New


1- 3 Men and a Baby2- Sacrifice for Dear Leader3- Demon sex makes me sleepy4- Please keep your crazy behind the blue line5- "Everybody hates me." Yeah.6- President Pelosi 20217- $600? No. A few billion here and there? No problem.8- Sports is back, sort of.9- She should probably find something...
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#285: “Old Religion, New Virus”


1- RIP John Lewis. Stay out, Mitch McConnell.2- My quote is Fake News3- He caught the Fake Virus4- Old Time Religion: Now with New and Improved Virus!5- Mask wars6- 'Rona in sports and strip clubs but try the wings7- The Silent Majority
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#284: "Greatest Test Ever"


1- I’m back to new normal2- He passed the test, so did a brick.3- A Real American Hero4- Teachers fighting to save kids. Governor, not so much...5- Dr Fauci's worst worst nightmare6- No, Kanye, you idiot. NO.7- The Happiest place on earth and there’s sports.8- Thank You, John Lewis. R.I.P...
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#283: "I CAN'T"


1 - Obama didn’t test for a disease that didn’t exist. Damn him...2 - Game show host... doctor... same thing.3 - If the say open schools, you better close the schools.4 - If you volunteer for the virus, it isn’t tragic to lose you.5 - Let's have a convention. Pandemic...
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#282: Stupid Hurts


1- Tragically, we’re shooting again.2- Leading off stupid, the undisputed champ, Trump.3- Kanye, enough clown shit.4- Can’t cancel Hamilton5- The indestructible 20’s6- Brain eating amoeba will starve in Florida7- Bison don’t like selfies8- My Hulk mask is manly, bitches.9- Karen don’t know looting10- No mask, no worries. My store deals...
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#281: Covidiots Are Back


1- Texas finds science.2- Florida doesn’t.3- God’s perfect breathing apparatus4- Karen and Ken bought a gun5- It wasn’t a hate noose, it was a plain ole noose6- The dog whistle is getting louder7- R.I.P. Khari Parker
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#280: I Love Gen Z


1- I may get cancelled2- The truth shall set you free3- I was fine until you tested me4- Wish I was wrong5- A new low... Again6- Tik Tok kids7- Go get em, kids. You’re better than we are.8- Take care, D.L.
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#279: THE G.O.A.T.


1- Atlanta on fire2- Hanging is always suspicious3- Juneteenth dog whistles and orange stupidity4- Please tell The 'Souf they lost5- Sorry, Karen, I’m not quick to forgive.6- Can we get marketing on this defund thing?7- Corona cases up. We ain't staying inside.8- 8:46, watch it. Dave Chappelle is the G.O.A.T...
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#278: "Headlines"


1- Long week 2- Boogaloo boys are doing CrossFit with Meghan McCain for Trump. That’s the first 5. 3- Fox News is still Fox News 4- Sports accusations, apologies, and racism 5- Shut up and dribble? No, Laura you should just shut up. 6- Police in trouble on video. Keep...
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#277: Our First Week Open


1- Murder, riots, shootings at the beach... it’s only been a week. 2- George Floyd murder, after Aubrey murder after, Taylor murder... Can’t keep up. 3- You realize thugs and looters come in white too? 4- Hey, Kanye, listen to Taylor. 5- Twitter says, "Shut up Trump." 6- It’s not...
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