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#302: Looking for the Good

over 3 years ago

1 - Thought it would be quiet

2 - BLM Never stop saying it

3 - Resist Quit Threaten KKK That's 4 stories

4 - Pain Compliance. That’s a thing

5 - Good News Giving away billions

6 - You can blow up trump plaza

7 - Palm Beach HOA don’t play

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#301: The Aliens are Right


1 - Say his name Casey Christopher Gordon2 - Be consistent in your BS3 - You’re a hacker, or you have google4 - Who needs republicans with Dems like these5 - Mandatory Retirement is a thing6 - Bill Gates is right and he invented it7 - Listen to Coach K...
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#300: Candace Please


1- Go back to your baby desk and watch Schoolhouse Rock.2- I just need to practice lying.3- Candace, please shut up for Christmas.4- You’re under arrest for spreading a REAL virus5- Rolling coal for assholes6- Do not say stay home from your Mexican resort7- Bankruptcy to billions. NICE...
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#299.5: Cancelled


1- This show has been cancelled. They all are.2- Do as I say not as I do.3 - If it's leaky, get a new one.4- He’s lying. We’re FOX News. We know lying.5- Symmetry6- That’s SIR Lewis Hamilton, at least it should be.
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#299: He Won, She Won, We Won


1- Biden/Harris WIN2- All it took was counting the votes3- There are doctors on Biden's Covid team. It's getting crazy already.4- NO, don’t feel sorry for Trumpers!5- FOX NEWS experiments with truth6- We are unblocked7- Don’t forget the Progressives8- Funny thing happened next to the porn shop.....
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#298: Garbage In, Garbage Out


1- Who Won? Who Knows?2- We closed Trump U. How is the Electoral College still open?3- Rain, snow, sleet, & hail? YES. Ballots? NO.4- More states legalize much needed weed5- Even in California racism wins, again.6- Same senate, different day.7- The militia is illegal. Someone tell law enforcement!8- Kanye! Say...
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#297: Next Week Is Exhausting


1- Die for dear leader, or at least hospitalized. 2- Trump Office of Science?3- Daddy Putin gives baby hands a talking to4- Handmaiden on Supreme Court 5- Bring your gun to the polls: what could go wrong?6- Smaller gub’mint unless it’s my gub’mint7- Say his name, Walter Wallace Jr, again8-...
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#296: Keep It Fair


1- the Anti-Endorsement2- We’ll do anything to keep these courts unfair.3- Get him with his science4- So how does this Twitter thing work again?5- We are the real men and we’re scared.6- So you say my boss is on this interweb thing. Uh-oh...
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#295: A Handmaids Tale


1- Sham Hearings2- What if she were Muslim?3- “She's a mom and a Marine.” EXACTLY.4- Don't drop your ballot in the box5- Vote Vote Vote. Drive’s 'em crazy.6- Lakers win, LeBron wins7- Watching Lewis Hamilton is watching history8- Rona. Your bubble is not America, not even ‘merikkka...
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#294: Rooting for the Fly


1- VP debate: let’s get a ref.2- That fly was doing what flies do3- That militia is a gang4- You’re charged with murder, uh... and fired.5- No Nobel prize for you
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#293: Jesus Christ, He's Got The 'Rona


1- Trump gets Covid… I think.2- Debates? You ever played chess with a pigeon?!3- 4 million people, 1 ballot box. No voter suppression here.4- She went to Rhodes College so she’s a Rhodes scholar, next question.5- Rode across the west. Flood, depression, hope, and funny.6- Back to the virtual world...
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