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#313: Where Were You When We Closed?

about 1 year ago

1- Stimulating Stimulus 2- I voted NO but that was yesterday 3- We’d like some transparency for our fake questions 4- Guess who’s voting by mail 5- Princess of Pain See for privacy information.

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#312: Lyin' Ted


1- Welcome to Florida 2- Texas is open 3- Golden idols made in Mexico 4- CPAC and the C is for CULT 5- Lyin Ted is lyin again. 6- Cancel that order of Freedom Fries. 7- Dr. Suess and Mr. Potato Head walk into a bar... See for privacy...
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#311: Brokenhearted


1- He’s only 13. He’s just a boy. 2- You took the money. You pay the price. 3- Regulation: It saves you cash and kept the lights on. 4- The cost of tragedy 5- VIP’s for vaccines? Wait- wasn’t it all fake? 6- Tiger 7- Let's stay fat, America. It's...
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#310: F**k Off, Tim Tebow


1- Texas is freezing so Ted goes to Mexico. 2- Rush is gone. Guess cancer is real. 3- Enough of the former guy 4- Do the righting, Tom, you’re the GOAT. 5- Pull yourself up? We’re here to push you down. 6- Can you retire from what you’ve never done...
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#309: Imagine A Real Trial


1- Grandpa Simpson rambling defense 2- We’re impartial so let us help you before we vote not guilty 3- You cost me $2 billion. You’re fired! 4- Cheney as a voice of Reason???? 5- The GOAT was out there GOATing. It was Super. 6- Pranks gone wild 7- Who needs...
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#308: Hypocritical Hypocrites and their Hypocrisy


1- Black History is now. Congrats to Stacy Abrams and BLM on Nobel Prize Nominations. 2- You know you’re right when the right is mad at ya. 3- McConnell hates that the Dems have learned to be shitty like McConnell. 4- Soul Cycle classes do not an educator make. 5-...
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#307: Whole Lot Of Crazy Goin On


1- Biden said his name 2- Laser beams, Communists... Hello, Marjorie. 3- Got that Hydroxy. Anyone? Anyone? 4- Oregon is scary. 5- Don’t Game with Gamers. 6- You bought your way in, not out. 7- Nia Dennis is Magic. 8- Father Time is undefeated but he’s against the ropes right...
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#306: WE MADE IT


1- We’ve inaugurated sanity 2- Thank you, Amanda Gorman. Black Girl Magic washes over DC. 3- Trump slinks out like garbage with over 1 protester 4- Caught up in the moment 5- Keep Karen in Jail. 6- Turtle flips and stupid Cruz 7- Tom Won See for privacy information...
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#305: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” -George Carlin


1- There’s no crying in terrorism.2- I was gonna be brave, seems I forgot my gun.3- GoFundMe needed to buy rubber bullets and tear gas4- Racists anarchists terrorists and thugs5- No sympathy6- Let's try jail time. Real prison time.7- Hawley and Cruz too8- Black on black crime, no. White on...
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#304: Shine Up Yo Ass Kickin' Shoes


1- Treason by any other name2- Remember states rights3- Covidiots of Cali4- NY Karen hiding in Cali5- Socialism for the not-so-rich. The real rich we got covered.6- Threw a pass to help7- Sir Lewis Hamilton
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#303 Be Kind


1 - Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa2 - $600 whether you need it or not3 - Where’s that other 700 billion?4 - He almost got right5 - Fraud. You want to talk fraud???6 - Privilege vs Punishment7 - My aunt’s cousin’s stepson’s girlfriend died from thevaccination It's true I read...
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